Feinstein's daughter alleges elder abuse as party tries to keep her in place until 2024

August 22, 2023

The daughter of Sen. Dianne Feinstein, Katherine Feinstein, has filed court documents alleging that the trustees of her late husband's estate have not followed his wishes for her financial care even as the Democrat Party tries desperately to keep the failing senator in place until the next election.

When Feinstein's husband Richard Blum died in February 2022, a $5 million marital trust was supposed to be set up for her by the estate trustees, and her daughter alleges that has not happened, constituting "financial abuse" of Feinstein.

Katherine Feinstein has power of attorney over her mother's personal affairs, and said she is advocating for her mother in that role.

The trustees, however, argued that it's Katherine who is taking advantage of her mother.

"Family matter"

Attorney Steven P. Braccini for Klein, Scholvinck and Mims, said in a statement that, “the trustees have acted ethically and appropriately at all times; the same cannot be said for Katherine Feinstein,” adding that “this has nothing to do with (Dianne Feinstein’s) needs and everything to do with her daughter’s avarice.”

The senator has not commented on what a spokesperson called a "family matter."

In the middle of that family debacle, Feinstein is trying to maintain her position in the Senate while her health and mental faculties are failing.

She's on the Senate Judiciary Committee, and if she leaves the Senate, Republicans can block her replacement until after the 2024 election and gain a majority on the committee even though they are the minority in the Senate.

Rather than letting this frail old woman enjoy what's left of her life and have peace in her remaining years, which probably aren't many, Democrats want to prop her up " Weekend at Bernie's" style alongside the President and squeeze every drop of power and influence out of her that they possibly can.

Talk about elder abuse.

"No one benefits"

Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA), who is running for Feinstein's seat in 2024, is echoing these talking points by saying "No one benefits" from Feinstein not being in the Senate.

Like most things Democrats say, that's not entirely true. Feinstein herself would benefit from not being in the Senate anymore and would be able to get the care she needs for her optimum health at this point in her life.

That's the last thing Democrats care about, however, despite Lee's claims that she cares about Feinstein's health first and foremost.

The American people can see how people like Feinstein and Biden are being used by Democrats, and it's not a good look. In Feinstein's case, if she can't run her own personal affairs anymore, why should she be helping run the country?

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