Fetterman struggles to speak during hearing on I-95 collapse

 June 18, 2023

Sen. John Fetterman (D-PA) struggled to speak during a Senate hearing Sunday about his state's I-95 highway collapse.

The video shows Fetterman repeating himself and sharing several awkward pauses during his attempt to address the important situation.

The struggle

“Uh no, I – uh, would just, um, really like to, you know — the 95, 95, 95. You know?” Fetterman first said.

“Obviously, you know, you’re pretty much preoccupied with, uh, 95,” Fetterman said. “And uh, I certainly am, too. And we know it’s a major atery [sic], not just for Pennsylvania but for the East Coast. And a lot of Pennsylvanians are worried that the delays in repairs bring to its standstill deal.”

Biden too

Fetterman wasn't the only one struggling, as Biden also appeared to have trouble making accurate statements

"On Saturday, during a press briefing on the recent I-95 bridge collapse, Fetterman donned his trademark hoodie combined with workout shorts and sneakers to welcome the president of the United States to his turf," Townhall.com reported.

"Meanwhile, Biden forgot where his hometown was, claiming he grew up in Pennsylvania— this, ladies and gentlemen, are the people representing the U.S." it added.

"The collapsed stretch of Interstate 95 in Philadelphia will reopen within two weeks, Pennsylvania’s governor said Saturday, after joining President Joe Biden on a helicopter tour over the critical stretch of highway closed to East Coast traffic since last weekend," the Associated Press reported.

"'We are getting it done here in Philly,' Gov. Josh Shapiro said at a briefing at Philadelphia International Airport after the flyover that included members of Congress and the city’s mayor," it added.

Despite Shapiro's response, Fetterman's struggles continue to cause worries for Democrats and the people of Pennsylvania. He is in the first year of a six-year term, one that many worry he will not last to complete.

The problem also comes as Democrats face concerns with other aging leaders in the next election, including 89-year-old Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA).

The future could be a problem for Democrats as health issues among its leadership cause concerns in the upcoming election and beyond for the party.

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