First lady set to be employed as 'active fundraiser' for Biden 2024 campaign, Democratic Party

 June 11, 2023

President Joe Biden, despite a substantial portion of the American people believing he is already too old and too mentally diminished to serve as president, is running for re-election to a second term in 2024.

His wife, first lady Jill Biden, will soon embrace the role of being an "active fundraiser" for her husband's 2024 re-election campaign, according to CNN.

While the president's campaign and backers will point to that as evidence of her being a supportive spouse and advocate, others may say it signals that Biden is too busy with his presidential duties and lacks the stamina necessary to fully hit the campaign trail on his own behalf.

First lady to fundraise for the president

The CNN report revealed that first lady Biden will speak on President Biden's behalf at a fundraiser event in New York City on Monday and then fly across the country to California to deliver speeches at two more campaign fundraisers in San Francisco and Los Angeles on Tuesday and Wednesday, respectively, with more such events to come later in the month.

Those events will benefit the Biden Victory Fund, a joint fundraising committee, and appear to be part of a final push to bolster the president's campaign cash in the final stretch of the current fundraising quarter that concludes at the end of June.

President Biden himself is expected to attend a few fundraiser events for his own campaign ahead of that deadline but the outlet noted that -- similar to 2020 -- he will not be running a traditional sort of campaign and instead will stay closely tethered to the White House while others hit the road on his behalf.

In support of the Biden Victory Fund

Deadline reported that the Biden campaign fundraiser event in Los Angeles on Wednesday, which is the first major campaign event in the populous city since the 2024 re-election campaign was formally launched in April, will be hosted by the Women's Leadership Forum.

Tickets for the event start at 1,000 but donations of $47,900 will purchase access to a host reception and photo opportunity with the first lady.

Proceeds from the fundraiser will benefit the Biden Victory Fund, a joint fundraising committee comprised of the Biden campaign, the Democratic National Committee, and state-level Democratic parties. Per federal election rules, that joint committee can accept contributions of up to $415,000 from political action committees and up to $929,600 from individuals.

Jill Biden to be "an active fundraiser" on behalf of president

"In this first phase of the campaign, she will be an active fundraiser, helping to build up the Democratic Party’s resources and infrastructure for the 2024 campaign, and reminding supporters what’s at stake in the upcoming election," Elizabeth Alexander, a senior adviser to the Biden campaign, told CNN of the first lady's scheduled appearances.

"Her warmth and approachability, combined with her 30-plus years as a classroom teacher, make her an effective messenger on the campaign trail," she added. "As she has been for all her husband’s presidential campaigns, she will continue to be a formidable presence on the stump."

Alexander, according to a May 1 report from NBC News, has served as the first lady's communications director since the administration began following her role as a senior communications adviser on Biden's 2020 campaign, and before that as a spokesperson for Biden when he was a senator and vice president.

President Biden's "not-so-secret weapon"

As for first lady Biden's forthcoming prominent role as a fundraiser and advocate for President Biden, that should come as no surprise as Politico reported that, unlike in 2020, she is now fully supportive of his quest to win the election and relishes the opportunity to be utilized as a not-so-secret weapon on his behalf.

In addition to raising cash for the campaign, the first lady will also reportedly be employed as a defensive "character witness" for the Biden family, help to win over the support of suburban women, tout the administration's accomplishments, and continue to be the president's "closer" -- his most trusted adviser and confidant.

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