First Lady Jill Biden chose not attend event hosted by Prince Harry

 July 22, 2023

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry made headlines in 2020 when they endorsed Joe Biden's run against then-President Donald Trump.

Yet a new report involving the couple and First Lady Jill Biden suggests that relations between them and the White House are melting down.  

Request to fly on Air Force One was turned down

In an article published on Wednesday, the Daily Mail cited sources who said that Markle and her husband asked to fly back to the United States aboard Air Force One following Queen Elizabeth's funeral this past September.

Their request was rebuffed by the president's staff, who feared that permitting the flight would lead to "a commotion."

The Daily Mail noted that this incident came months after the first lady declined an invitation to attend the Invictus Games, an athletic competition Harry founded in 2014  for wounded, injured, and sick military veterans.

Harry is himself a British Army veteran who once served as an Apache helicopter co-pilot and gunner in Afghanistan in 2012 and 2013.

Concern that first lady's presence at Invictus Games would upset royal family

The Daily Mail recalled how Mr. and Mrs. Biden previously attended the Invictus Games when they were held in Canada in 2017 while the first lady went by herself the year prior.

Meanwhile, Jill Biden helped Harry host a Zoom version of a similar competition known as the Warrior Game in 2021 when in-person events had to be canceled due to COVID.

"'It's been fantastic to see you in action in various parts of the world giving everything that you've got to so many people to not just those who wear the uniform but to the families as well," the Daily Mail quoted Harry as saying.

In response, the first lady praised Harry for his efforts at "lifting up service members from around the globe."

However, Mrs. Biden's choice to stay away from the event in 2022 said to have been made out of concerns that the British royal family would be offended by her presence.

Harry says he and William came to blows over Meghan

Following consultation with British officials a decision was made to send Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg and his husband Chasten instead.

Harry and his wife have long had an acrimonious relationship with the rest of the royal family. The situation grew so bad that Harry wrote in his autobiography about once coming to blows with his older brother William.

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