Florida Democrats win map redistricting case

 August 27, 2023

Florida Democrats are celebrating a win that includes the approval of a district map that could lead to an upcoming victory in the state.

The Tallahassee area battle has been ongoing for over a year as activists in the state have sought a change that would help the left win in the state that has turned red under its current leadership.

The statement

"This is a promising step forward for Black voters whose voting power was disgracefully targeted by Governor DeSantis in his quest for artificial power," Olivia Mendoza, director of litigation and policy for the left-leaning National Redistricting Foundation, said.

"Floridians deserve fair maps — and success in this case will deliver a major step in that direction," the statement continued.

One of multiple victories

"The victory in Florida is just the latest feather in Democrats' cap in their quest to retake the House of Representatives," the New York Sun reported.

"Following an agreement in a Florida redistricting dispute, Democrats look positioned to pick up a seat in the U.S. House, bolstering their effort to retake the chamber in 2024," it added.

Pushing back the GOP plan

"During Session, DeSantis vetoed a congressional map approved by the Florida Legislature," Florida Politics reported.

"He objected to the retention of districts that were drawn so minority communities controlled the outcome of elections, in particular singling out a district spanning from Tallahassee to Jacksonville represented now by Rep. Al Lawson, a Black Democrat," it added.

The legal case used in the case could be applied to other states as Democrats seek to fight back in red states where district maps have been changed in favor of conservatives.

The new plan appears to be a focus on racism, a tactic Democrats appear ready to use in other cases.

For now, the single win in Florida is a cause of the left to celebrate following the loss of numerous seats in the last election in the state.

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