Food Network star Darnell Ferguson arrested for strangling

 January 12, 2024

Fans of the Food Network were stunned to learn that television personality Darnell Ferguson is under arrest - for viciously strangling his estranged wife. 

Ferguson, 36, allegedly broke into the victim's home on January 2 and proceeded to choke her to the point of unconsciousness while threatening to kill her.

TV host arrested

When the victim regained consciousness, Ferguson allegedly tore her clothes off and demanded to see her genitals, and said she belonged to him and no one else.

Ferguson then stole the victim's credit cards and IDs before leaving the home.

Police observed "redness, scratches and pain to her neck and a scratch to her upper thigh," and she was treated at the hospital.

Ferguson's attorneys are framing the incident as a "disagreement", and they suggested the victim lied about what happened to the police.

"Darnell and his wife are separated and are working together to find a new balance for their family," his attorney, Krsna Tibbs, told People magazine.

"They had a disagreement on Jan. 2 that was subsequently reported to the authorities in a misleading and false manner. We are hopeful that these issues will be resolved shortly and in a way that is least disruptive to their blended family of eight children," Tibbs added.

"We ask at this time for privacy for Darnell and the entire family so that they can heal and continue to work on co-parenting as they move forward with their divorce."

Former drug dealer

Ferguson has been charged with strangulation, burglary, terroristic threats, assault, criminal mischief and theft-receipt of stolen credit or debit card.

According to Ferguson, the victim does not want to press charges. Prosecutors say it's not uncommon for victims of domestic violence to enable their abusers.

"They may think they want to reconcile but ... these are very serious allegations, and we have concerns," Assistant Jefferson County Attorney Cristin Southard said. "Recantation, minimizing, those are all parts of the cycle of domestic violence."

Ferguson has pled not guilty and is already out on $10,000 bail.

The Food Network host is known for his appearances on shows like Chopped and Supermarket Stakeout.

Before breaking into television, Ferguson was in and out of jail six times for selling drugs. He opened his first restaurant in Louisville in 2012.

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