Football coach prays at stadium following historic Supreme Court decision

 September 4, 2023

Washington state football coach Joe Kennedy won a major legal victory in 2022 after the Supreme Court ruled that he could not be fired for praying before games.

Over a year after that momentous decision, Kennedy was once again seen kneeling in prayer on a football field. 

"We finished the race"

According to the Washington Examiner, Kennedy appeared at Bremerton High School this past Friday before posting a video of his visit to Twitter.

"I used to run marathons quite a bit, and you never think you’re going to get to the end, and when you finally see that finish line, and you're [thinking] 'I just want to get across it,'" the former coach could be heard saying.

"And that’s what tonight was. It was that perfect icing on the cake, and we finished the race. We did it together, and there’s nothing better than keeping the faith throughout that," he added.

Praise for coach on social media

Tributes to Kennedy quickly appeared on social media, with one Twitter user writing, "God Bless you sir. Because of heroes like you the rest of us will NEVER give up and or in."

Another post came from journalist David Brody, who posted a video clip of Kennedy praying. He said, "Here’s Coach Joe Kennedy’s silent prayer tonight at the 50-yard line after the game at Bremerton High School. I was there to capture it live in Washington State."

Kennedy interview set to air on 700 Club

Brody also put out a tweet touting an interview he conducted with Kennedy and his wife Denise that is set to air September 5 on the 700 Club.

"What an ABSOLUTE honor to spend time with Coach Joe Kennedy and his wife Denise in Bremerton Washington," the reporter declared.

"It’s a remarkable historical American tale of faith, pain and perseverance. It also reminded me that victory does come WITH A COST," Brody continued.

"This isn’t just a story about religious Liberty," he stressed, adding, "It's a personal one that isn’t so neat and pretty but we serve a God that can turn it all into good."

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