Forbes: Biden will not be the Dems' 2024 presidential nominee

 May 28, 2023

Steve Forbes just expressed his belief that President Joe Biden will not be the Democratic Party's presidential nominee in 2024. 

Forbes said as much during an appearance Friday on the Fox News Channel's America's Newsroom. 

Biden has officially launched his reelection campaign. But, many have expressed doubts about whether he will be the Democrats' nominee, particularly given his old age.

Forbes is in this category of individuals who do not think that Biden will represent the Democrats in 2024. But, Forbes's reasoning is based more on Biden's economics than his health.

"Because the economy . . ."

During his Fox News Channel appearance, Forbes put the U.S. economy into perspective.

He said:

I think what's happening with the economy, even though it's not officially in a recession, it's sort of the economic equivalent of walking pneumonia: Not enough to put you in bed yet, but just dragging you down, draining the energy. I think there is economy fatigue, one thing after another. So, inflation has come down a little bit. Prices are still going up. Wages aren't going up fast enough. There's a feeling the country is adrift. 

Forbes, here, went on to blast Biden for wanting to raise the debt ceiling "even though it's $2 trillion higher than it was a couple of years ago." But, Forbes concluded that this - the struggling U.S. economy - is the reason "why next year, Joe Biden will not be the Democratic Party nominee."

At this point, co-host Bill Hemmer jumped in, saying, "Woah! You're on the record."

Forbes replied:

On record. Because the economy — yeah, they can sweep the Hunter [Biden] stuff away — but that has a stench out there. So, you have a poor economy, you have a president people feel is not up to the job anymore, certainly not for the next four years. So, I don’t know what the scenario is going to be, but they cannot have him running in November of 2024.

It's not looking good for Biden

Polling has consistently indicated that Americans are not happy with the economic situation here in America under Biden's leadership.

A new Harvard Caps/Harris poll, for example, found that roughly two out of every three individuals believe that the U.S. economy is on the wrong track, that half of voters believe their financial situation is only getting worse, and that only 21% of voters believe that the U.S. will avoid a recession.

The poll also put Biden's approval rating regarding the economy at only 39%.

The economy, thus, is looking as though it is going to be a serious problem for Biden's 2024 candidacy - but, it is only one of Biden's problems. Others include his age and the congressional investigations of corruption.

With this in mind, it would not be that surprising should Biden not be the Democrats' 2024 presidential nominee. But, then, this raises the question, "if not Biden, who?"

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