Foreigner guitarist Mick Jones makes tragic health announcement

 February 24, 2024

The guitar player and principal founder of the rock band Foreigner has shared some devastating news with fans. 

Mick Jones, the songwriter behind "I Want To Know What Love Is," revealed for the first time that he has been suffering from Parkinson's for years.

Jones has been absent from the group's farewell tour, which has been going on since 2022.

Foreigner guitarist has Parkinson's

In a heartfelt post on social media, Jones said he is "doing alright" but the Parkinson's has made performing very difficult.

"Fans will have become very aware that for some time now, I have not been performing onstage with the band. Several years ago, I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. I want everyone to know that I am doing alright,” Jones said.

“However, I’ve always liked to be at my best when performing onstage, and sadly, at present, I find that a bit difficult," he added.

Like the nearly 1 million Americans who suffer with Parkinson's, life has been a "daily struggle," Jones said.

"I am still very much involved in the background with Foreigner and remain a presence. Parkinson’s is a daily struggle; the important thing is to persevere and remind myself of the wonderful career I’ve had in music," he added.

"I thank all the fans who have supported Foreigner throughout the years and continue to attend our concerts — I want you to know I appreciate your support; it always means so very much to me, but especially so at this point in my life."

Band receives big honor

Jones, an England native, started Foreigner in New York City with multi-instrumentalist Ian McDonald, of King Crimson, and lead vocalist Lou Gramm.

Jones co-wrote most of the band's famous tunes with Gramm, including "Cold As Ice" and "Waiting For A Girl Like You." But Jones has the distinction of being the only writer on their biggest hit, "I Want To Know What Love Is."

He is the only original member left in the band, which recently received the honor of a nomination to the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame.

Jones' stepson, award-winning music producer Mark Ronson, of "Uptown Funk" fame, said it is long past time for Foreigner to receive recognition for their contributions to popular music.

"I'm so proud and lucky to have grown up with this brave, honest, beautiful man," he added of Jones.

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