Former advisor to Melania Trump says she's his 'partner in crime' even when they're apart

 December 20, 2023

Melania Trump seems to be living a largely separate life from her husband, former President Donald Trump, but a former advisor to the former first lady says she's not going anywhere and is her husband's "partner in crime."

Stephanie Winston-Wolkoff told CNN's Abby Phillip, "I do feel strongly that Melania Trump isn't going anywhere. I believe that Melania will stay by Donald's side. Throughout all of this, she is his partner in crime."

Winston Wolkoff said that Melania is no damsel in distress who needs rescuing from Trump.

"Unfortunately, people keep giving her this out, this reason to believe that Melania should be freed from Donald, but Melania is complicit," she told Phillip. "Melania is, you know, side by side with the showmanship and she is exactly like Donald, just, unfortunately, in a skirt and high heels, and showing up today was just another way for her to have some camera time."

No hypocrisy

Winston Wolkoff was referring to an appearance by Melania Trump at a naturalization ceremony at the National Archives, which apparently offended the former advisor.

In her view, Trump was being hypocritical in her remarks about becoming a U.S. citizen and her celebration of others doing so, being that her husband is so opposed to illegal immigration.

“You know, again, back to today’s naturalization, being in the National Archives with our Constitution, and the Bill of Rights and knowing how she felt about not wanting to actually promote that for so many individuals that have less opportunity than she had, it was just a squandered opportunity,” Winston Wolkoff said.

“And she feels like, you know it’s, again, I keep going back to that publicity moment, and I find it to be really quite repulsive,” she continued. "Unfortunately, I find it to be really deceptive, almost deceitful, and quite honestly I find Melania Trump's words to be lacking of any real meaning. And it's unfortunate because she had an opportunity as the first lady of the United States to make a difference, and she didn't at all."

The lack of distinction between legal and illegal immigration is not surprising coming from opponents of Trump, which Winston Wolkoff now is.

One can celebrate legal immigration into the country but still strongly oppose indiscriminate illegal border crossings that are creating absolute chaos in parts of Texas, Arizona and New Mexico.

"Strategic move"

Winston Wolkoff also thought that the Trumps appearing at the National Archives when Donald Trump is on trial for withholding classified documents from that very institution was at best, ironic and in poor taste.

At worst, it was a thumb in the eye by the Trumps.

"The hypocrisy of Melania Trump hosting a naturalization event at the National Archives (where Donald is under investigation) is right up there with her so-called Be Best anti-bullying platform (where Donald is Bully #1). This is a strategic move on Donald & Melania’s part," she wrote previously when the event was announced.

Why would the Trumps avoid the National Archives when they clearly feel that Donald Trump has done nothing wrong? Then again, why would any rabid Anti-Trumper like Winston Wolkoff be able to understand basic logic?

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