Former Arizona Cardinals VP accused of assaulting and choking neighbor

 March 22, 2024

The Arizona Cardinals' former vice president of player personnel is facing assault charges following a bizarre incident earlier this month. 

According to Fox News, Terry McDonough's neighbor alleges that the former team official choked him on March 12 as the pair argued over the use of equipment on his lawn.

Neighbor says McDonough has long displayed a "history of volatile behavior"

McDonough allegedly accused his neighbor of damaging his grass with a tractor, and is then said to have chest-bumped the man before attempting to strangle him.

What's more, McDonough is also alleged to have lashed out at a pair of landscape workers who were in the neighborhood.

"This person has a history of volatile behavior and also (was) publicized in national news related to a case he has with the Arizona Cardinals," the neighbor said in an affidavit.

The man went on to maintain that McDonough "tried to strangle me unprovoked" while adding that "both me and my family do not feel safe."

McDonough made multiple allegations against team owner in arbitration claim

Fox News noted that this is not the first time McDonough has been tied to controversy, as last April he filed an arbitration claim against the Cardinals.

McDonough accused team owner Michael Bidwill of gross misconduct, including cheating, discrimination and harassment.

This included using so-called "burner phones" to engage in prohibited communication with then-team general manager Steve Keim, who had been suspended in 2018 after he was arrested for impaired driving.

In response, the team produced text messages referencing "erratic behavior" on McDonough's part, including a confrontation at training camp.

Text messages refer to aggressive conduct by McDonough at training camp

"What was very disturbing today was the unprofessional and argumentative reaction you had to my comment to you after practice to not let me 'be an afterthought,'" Bidwill wrote.

"Your reaction was completely disproportionate to my statement. You had no reason to lose your temper. I can’t remember the last time I had that kind of interaction with any member of our staff, say nothing of an executive," Bidwill declared.

"It was juvenile and unbecoming. Puffing out your chest, pointing your finger at me, raising your voice and repeating yourself in an attempt to intimidate me into agreeing with you. Telling me to "prove' my concern. Really?!" Bidwell concluded.

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