Former attorney general says Trump will not get a 'fair jury'

 April 15, 2024

A former acting U.S. Attorney journal, over the weekend, argued, persuasively, that former President Donald Trump will not be able to get a "fair" jury in the so-called hush-money case. 

Matthew Whitaker, according to the Washington Examiner, made this claim during an appearance on Newsmax's Saturday Report. 

This comes as the trial is about to get started.

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg (D) has accused Trump of having committed crimes by improperly reporting the payment that he allegedly made to adult film star Stormy Daniels. Trump has maintained his innocence and has alleged that Bragg is merely running election interference for the Biden campaign.

Whitaker's take

It is well-known that, in America, defendants are entitled to a fair and impartial jury. Whitaker, however, believes that this is going to be impossible for Trump to get in this case.

During his Newsmax appearance, Whitaker said, "[R]emember, President Trump is not going to be able to get a fair jury and an impartial jury in Manhattan, in New York City."

The former acting attorney general went on to explain why, pointing out that New York City is overwhelmingly Democratic and anti-Trump.

"70-plus percent voted for Joe Biden in the 2020 election. President Trump did a poll that suggested 61% of the residents of Manhattan said that they thought he was guilty," Whitaker said.

He, thus concluded, "I just don’t think that jury pool is gonna be very fair and impartial like he’s entitled to under the Constitution."

Looking forward

Trump's trial begins on Monday, April 15, 2024. It will start off with the jury selection process, which could potentially last for weeks.

Trump is expected to be present for the trial, meaning that, when he is in court, he will not be able to campaign, which he has argued is exactly what the Biden administration is trying to accomplish with these prosecutions.

Not only will Trump not get a fair jury in the case, but Whitaker does not expect anything positive to happen to Trump during the trial, because the judge is just as bad as the jury.

"We should not expect to get many rulings, or if any, in favor of President Trump," Whiteaker said.

He went on to express hope that the jury will see the case "for what it is," namely, "election interference." This, however, is an optimistic thought. Legal experts are fully expecting Trump to be found guilty, not because he is guilty, but because it is highly unlikely that the jury will be fair and impartial.

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