Former Clinton paramour Monica Lewinsky promotes voter registration effort

 February 28, 2024

In a move that is unlikely to thrill Bill and Hillary Clinton, Monica Lewinsky revealed this week that she will be involved in the 2024 election.  

According to the Washington Examiner, Lewinsky is partnering with the female clothing brand Reformation is a voter registration drive aimed at women.

Campaign involves $78 shirts

"We all have to be reminding each other that we can’t let that get in the way of needing to vote, that that’s how we use our voice. That's where our power is," Lewinsky was quoted as telling the magazine Elle.

As part of its effort, Reformation is selling a $78 shirt emblazoned with the words "You’ve got the power," with proceeds being donated to

The Examiner noted that while this marks the third year that Reformation has encouraged women to cast ballots, it is the first time the company has worked with

Sources claims Hillary Clinton will be a "key player" in Biden campaign

Lewinsky's reemergence comes roughly two and a half months after NBC News reported that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will be a "key player" in President Joe Biden's reelection efforts.

An unnamed Democratic strategist was quoted as telling NBC News, "At the end of the day, Biden needs all the help that he can get. What he needs is both the spirit and the actual reality of unity."

The network also recalled how Clinton managed to raise $1 million for Biden's campaign by hosting an event in November at her Washington, D.C. home.

Clinton also went on the offensive against former President Donald Trump when speaking at the Munich Security Conference earlier this month.

"He will pull us out of NATO," CNBC quoted Clinton as telling attendees. She added that Trump's hostility towards the alliance should be taken "literally and seriously."

Fox News says turning to Clinton is a sign of "deep trouble"

However, critics such as Fox News host Charlie Hurt have expressed skepticism over just how much of an asset Clinton will be to Biden.

"I think Joe Biden's going to need more than a[n] 'I'm with her T-shirt' with all of his political problems," Hurt declared in December.

"But, you know you are in deep, deep trouble if you are picking up the bat phone and calling Hillary Clinton to come help you out," he stressed.

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