Former country music star Maren Morris reveals divorce from singer Ryan Hurd remains 'ongoing,' hasn't started dating again yet

 December 16, 2023

Former country music star Maren Morris decided earlier this year to end her marriage with fellow singer-songwriter Ryan Hurd after being wedded together for five years.

The award-winning and chart-topping Texas-born singer who resides in Tennessee spoke briefly about her "ongoing" divorce from Hurd during a recent appearance on Howard Stern's SiriusXM radio show, according to Lee Daily.

Morris also openly discussed with the host the depression and other mental health issues she had been compelled to deal with in recent years.

Opens up about divorce, depression, and "trauma"

USA Today reported that during the interview, Stern took note of Morris' new short hairstyle, to which she replied that she "cut all the trauma out of my hair."

Asked to elaborate, Morris said, "I think this year has -- for a lot of people, not just me -- just a lot of people that are close to me have gone through it. I’ve known so many people that have gone through breakups or divorces."

Stern keyed in on the mention of divorce, which Morris said was still "ongoing," and then asked the singer if she had begun dating again. She replied, "No, um, I would like this to sort of wrap up. I don't have the headspace for that yet. But I'm writing so much right now. That's kind of been my way of dating is just through song."

Morris went on to also discuss the post-partum depression she suffered in 2020 after the birth of her son, Hayes, that was compounded with additional depression brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic-related societal shutdown that cut short her touring -- though she credited both a year of taking the prescription medicine Zoloft and 2022's relative return to normalcy with helping her rise above the depressed state of mind she'd been in.

Filed for divorce from Hurd in October

People magazine reported in mid-October that Morris and Hurd had filed for divorce earlier that month and cited "irreconcilable differences" after five years of marriage as the reason for the split.

Per Tennessee law, in light of the child they share, the pair were required to complete a parenting seminar before the divorce could be finalized, though the outlet noted in the article that court documents indicated that the seminar was completed just days earlier.

Morris and Hurd, who by all appearances seemed to be a happily married couple in social media posts or when performing together, first met each other in 2013, began dating in 2015, became engaged in 2017, and were finally married in 2018.

Around the time of their engagement in 2017, Morris told People of her relationship with Hurd, "We had been friends for only a couple of years, but there was always this writing chemistry in the room, and eventually, the timing of it was undeniable. We had such a foundation built off writing so many songs over the years that we were like, 'Why are we avoiding this?'"

Also recently divorced country music industry over ideological differences

The Associated Press reported that in addition to getting divorced from her husband of five years, the Grammy Award-winning Morris also essentially divorced the country music industry that made her a star in the first place, largely due to her left-leaning ideological beliefs on issues like feminism, racism, and sexism.

"I felt like I don’t want to say goodbye, but I really cannot participate in the really toxic arms of this institution anymore," she told The New York Times in an interview about her decision to ditch the country music genre and focus more on creating other forms of pop music.

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