Former Democrat says Biden caused her to leave party

 December 20, 2023

President Joe Biden appears to be facing an uphill election battle, with most polls showing him trailing behind former President Donald Trump.

Yet that isn't the only tragic news for Democrats, as a growing number of Biden's former supporters say he has driven them from the party. 

"I'm very dissatisfied with the current president"

One of them is Barbara Tulko who voiced her sense of dissatisfaction during an interview with "Fox & Friends" on Tuesday.

"I'm very dissatisfied with the current president," Tulko complained. "I was a lifelong Democrat and recently changed to independent because I have found that every time I try to go to the grocery store, it costs me more money."

"I'm a little afraid about what's going on with our border. I'm kind of concerned about it. I live within five minutes from New York City, and I'm actually kind of afraid to go there," she continued.

Poll shows Biden's approval rating has hit its lowest point yet

Tulko went on to suggest that the president lacks "understanding of what's really important to the American people" and is "busy worrying about what's going on in other places."

Meanwhile, Fox News pointed to a Monmouth University poll released earlier this week which put Biden's approval rating at just 34 percent.

Monmouth University noted that this represents the worst approval rating Biden has yet seen since he took office, with a whopping 61 percent of respondents expressing disapproval over his record.

The survey shows Biden getting especially low grades when it comes to handling inflation and illegal immigration, two key issues that voters have identified as being important.

Pollster: "Americans are still smarting from higher prices"

What's more, the poll also shows 44 percent of respondents saying that they are financially struggling, the highest figure seen since 2017.

"The Biden administration keeps touting their infrastructure investments and a host of positive economic indicators," Monmouth University Polling Institute director Patrick Murray said in an accompanying press release.

"Those data points may be factual, but most Americans are still smarting from higher prices caused by post-pandemic inflation.  This seems to be what’s driving public opinion," Murray explained.

"This seems to be what’s driving public opinion. There is political danger in pushing a message that basically tells people their take on their own situation is wrong," the pollster stressed.

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