Former Hunter Biden business associate threatens to 'name names' following arrest

 February 28, 2023

Hunter Biden's name was in the news again this week following reports that one of his former associates is threatening to expose damning information. 

According to The Washington Free Beacon, the individual in question is Israeli citizen Gal Luft, who currently serves as co-director of a Washington-based think tank called the Analysis of Global Security.

U.S. government accuses Luft of arms trafficking

The paper noted that Luft was previously an adviser to CEFC China Energy, a corporation which is both closely linked to the Chinese government and had a business relationship with Hunter Biden.

The website Ynetnews reported that Luft was arrested earlier this month in Cyprus at the request of American authorities, who say he is involved in illegal arms trafficking.

Mordechai Tzivin is Luft's attorney, and he told the website that his client's arrest is retribution for his having talked with the Department of Justice and FBI about Hunter Biden in 2019.

"The arrest came four years after Luft cooperated with FBI and Department of Justice investigators to help them with information about the case," Tzivin said.

Attorney calls Luft "a whistleblower"

Robert Henoch is also working as a lawyer for Luft, and he offered a similar explanation for why his client is being targeted, telling the Free Beacon, "Dr. Luft is a whistleblower."

"This unfortunately appears to be part of an attempt to discredit a witness with critical information about an ongoing congressional and DOJ investigation," Henoch continued.

The attorney went on to complain that the U.S. government is going after Luft "with trumped-up and false charges" rather than pursue the information he disclosed.

Luft himself said that his arrest was "politically motivated" and threatened to "name names" in a tweet put out on February 19.

Luft's attorney plans to send lawmakers a letter

Meanwhile, the Free Beacon pointed to documents showing that Henoch "told the Justice Department he plans to submit a letter to Congress that will detail statements that Luft gave to the Justice Department during an interview in Belgium."

Luft may not be the only person connected to Hunter Biden who is ready to talk, as former Biden business associate Eric Schwerin could be as well.

A spokesperson for the House Oversight Committee told Fox News last week that the committee has been "in contact" with Schwerin and it expects "him to start producing documents.

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