Former Miami Dolphins cornerback Vontae Davis found dead at 35

 April 3, 2024

Football fans were left grieving this week after former police found 35-year-old NFL cornerback Vontae Davis dead at his home. 

According to the Miami Herald, authorities were contacted by Davis' personal assistant on Monday morning who relayed that a woman had discovered the former athlete's body in his home gym.

Davis' personal assistant called 911

The personal assistant reportedly made a series of 911 calls in which she explained that the woman who found Davis was too distraught to speak.

The assistant indicated that she had last seen Davis alive on Friday, although she claimed to know that his driver had interacted with him on Saturday evening.

However, the Herald reported that the woman who discovered Davis did ultimately make a 911 call of her own and said that she came across his remains after walking through the house in an attempt to find him.

The paper further noted that Davis was married to Palm Beach family law attorney Megan Harpe. Police do not suspect foul play in his death.

Former player remember fondly on social media

Tributes to Davis quickly appeared on social media, including from Davis' former team. The Miami Dolphins said it is "heartbroken" by his death while extending its "deepest condolences to his family [and] loved ones."

Football commentator Heather Lloyd spoke up as well, recalling how Davis had "a beautiful heart, a beautiful soul, and a beautiful smile."

"Sometimes when he talked, you could hear the young child inside of him. Nothing brought that out like giving back to kids - something he spent endless hours doing during his time in Indianapolis," she insisted.

"He had a great sense of humor, a great sense of fashion, and great taste in cars. He talked lovingly about his beloved grandmother, his brother, his teammates, and his furry companions," Lloyd declared.

David abruptly retired in 2018

Davis began his professional career in 2009 when he was drafted by the Miami Dolphins and went on to play three seasons for the team.

He was traded just before the 2012 season began to the Indianapolis Colts, where he remained until signing with the Buffalo Bills in 2018.

David made headlines that same year when he abruptly retired by walking out half-way through a game against the Los Angeles Chargers.

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