Former MTV star Lewis Largent passes away at 58

March 13, 2023

Variety magazine has reported that legendary MTV star Lewis Largent passed away late last month at the age of 58. Largent's family told the publication that his death came after "a long illness."

According to Variety, Largent got his start as an intern at the Los Angeles alternative-radio station KROQ. He was hired as a DJ at the station in 1985 and became music director four years after that.

From radio intern to MTV personality

From there, Largent got a job with MTV in 1992 where he began hosting the Saturday-night alternative music program "120 Minutes."

Largent left the show in 1995 but continued to work at MTV until 1999 when he was put in charge of A&R at Island Def Jam Records.

Largent's time spent at Island Def Jam Records was marked by his decision to sign such artists as Sum 41 and Andrew WK.

News of Largent's death brought forth an outpouring of grief on social media, with fans recalling the way that his career had impacted them.

Former colleague left "completely gutted" by Largent's death

Former MTV VJ and reality television host Matt Pinfield said that he was "completely gutted" by Largent's death, adding, " I loved Lewis very much. I am at a loss for words."

Like Largent, Nik Carter was a fellow radio host at KROQ, and he said that Largent's contribution to the station "cannot be overstated."

Largent credited with changing musical history

Meanwhile, television producer and Sirius XM radio host Mark Strigl credited Largent with changing musical history.

"There’s a good possibility some of our favorite bands from the 1990s would not even be on your radar if it weren’t for this guy," Strigl declared.

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