Former NBA player allegedly involved in murder of woman in revenge plot

 December 23, 2023

A wild series of plot twists emerged in the case of a murder involving a former NBA player and several prostitutes in the Las Vegas area. 

According to 8NewsNow, Marayna Rodgers, 23, was revealed to have been allegedly murdered by Chance Comanche, who most recently played for the NBA G-League Stockton Kings, with the alleged help of Sakari Harnden, 19.

Reportedly, Harnden was upset that Rodgers allegedly told people that Harnden's boyfriend, Iosua Sataua, also known as rapper “EBK Lil Play," was involved in a double murder in Stockton, California earlier this year.

Comanche and Harnden have been accused of kidnapping and murdering Rodgers.

Horrific details

Rodgers' murder took place on Dec. 6 in Las Vegas, and she reportedly died as a result of being strangled from behind while sitting in the passenger seat of a vehicle.

The outlet noted:

Both Harnden and Rodgers were sex workers, according to the report. Rodgers’ boyfriend told police they had traveled to Las Vegas on Dec. 1 with the intent of engaging in prostitution, the report stated. She had also worked as a medical assistant in Washington state.

Comanche posed as a “trick” or client of Rodgers as she thought would be going on a “double date” with Harnden to sell sex, the report alleges.

It was after his arrest that Comanche admitted that he strangled Rodgers from the back seat of a vehicle while Rodgers sat up front. Harnden reportedly helped murder her by choking Rodgers at the same time.

The alleged murder took place in Henderson, Nevada, which is close to Las Vegas.

Comanche also later confessed to the police that they had dumped Rodgers' body, and provided police with the location of the body.

Police determined that the motive behind the horrific murder was revenge-based, but still failed to understand why Comanche would have been involved, other than the fact that Comanche once allegedly dated Harnden.

Weird text messages

Police revealed that a number of text messages were exchanged between Comanche and Harnden, and one in particular appeared to show that Comanche had received permission from an unknown party to go through with the murder.

"It’s green," Comanche messaged on the morning of Dec. 1, the police report noted. "Gave them her full name. SSN. Her IG page. All data."

Notably, Comanche played basketball the same day, and even indicated to Harnden that he would check the status of the murder plot at halftime of the game.

Further texts showed the plan developing, and the two had a tough time finding a ghost gun, which are commonly used in murders to remain untraceable. They eventually settled on strangling Rodgers, "like they do in the movies" Comanche texted.

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