Former Obama campaign manager: Biden faces high bar in State of the Union speech

 March 2, 2024

President Joe Biden is scheduled to address the American people this coming Thursday in his third State of the Union speech.

However, if former President Barack Obama's campaign manager is to be believed, then the night may give Democrats reason to panic. 

State of the Union address comes with high expectations

As Breitbart noted, Jim Messina was at the helm of Obama's successful 2012 reelection campaign, and he recently spoke with Politico Playbook about Biden's upcoming event.

"Voters want to see him do his job," Messina said when laying out the sort of expectations that Biden can look forward to. "They want to see him talk about this stuff. They want to answer any age questions they may or may not have."

Messina went on to state that Americans "want to hear what he’s going to do to make their lives better" while noting how the State of the Union "is a format where you can be really expansive about that and really drill down."

Still, the results of a recent New York Times/Siena College survey suggest that the president is going to have a hard time selling his record.

Poll shows voters favor Trump over Biden on the economy

Carried out between February 25 and February 28, the poll found that only 7% of Americans rank the economy as being "excellent" compared with 51% who describe it as "poor."

Meanwhile, only 18% said that Biden's policies have helped them personally, compared with 40% who said the same of Trump's policies.

Conversely, 43% indicated that they have been personally hurt by actions the president has taken whereas only 25% had similar complaints about his predecessor.

That led New York Times political analyst Nate Cohen to remark, "Mr. Biden is very unpopular. He’s so unpopular that he’s now even less popular than Mr. Trump, who remains every bit as unpopular as he was four years ago."

Biden support has fallen, particularly among minorities

"Overall, 19 percent of registered voters in the Times/Siena survey have an unfavorable view of both candidates," Cohn went on to point out.

"[T]hey backed Mr. Biden by a three-to-one margin among those who voted in 2020, but now he holds the support of less than half," he noted.

What's more, Cohn acknowledged that former President Donald Trump appears to be making major inroads with minority communities.

"Mr. Biden’s support among nonwhite voters keeps sinking. He held just a 49-39 lead among the group, even though nonwhite respondents who voted in the 2020 election said they backed Mr. Biden, 69-21," Cohn added.

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