Former Obama White House staffer says Biden belongs in prison

 April 12, 2024

Republicans have long maintained that President Joe Biden should be prosecuted for sitting at the head of a criminal operation.

Yet in a development that may leave the president's handlers panicking, one former Obama White House aide has joined them in making those allegations.

Former stenographer claims to have seen Biden's corruption first-hand

Mike McCormick served as stenographer to then-Vice President Joe Biden and he released a book late last year called "The Case to Impeach and Imprison Joe Biden."

McCormick explained in an interview published earlier this week with Townhall contributor Rachel Alexander that he once went with Biden on a trip to Poland.

There he claims to have personally witnessed the then-vice president tie American aid dollars to a job for his son with the Ukrainian energy firm Burisma.

"When I worked for him, I thought Joe was harmless — egotistical, buffoonish, and unpresidential, but harmless," McCormick told Alexander.

McCormick does not believe that Hunter Biden wrote all of the emails on his laptop

However, the former stenographer was quick to add that he now regards the president "as an evil criminal who should be impeached and imprisoned."

"America is now operating under a two-tiered justice system. The Biden Department of Justice is covering for the crimes of the president," he complained.

McCormick laid out the evidence for this conclusion on the website where he examined emails found on Hunter Biden's laptop in light of what he previously observed while serving in the White House. 

The former staff member does not believe Hunter Biden actually wrote all of the emails in question as they sometimes reference terms and strategies that the president's son is unlikely to have been familiar with.

Twitter account was deleted when McCormick tied Biden to Burisma

Rather, McCormick contends that the messages were probably authored by former Delaware Democratic Sen. Ted Kaufman, who was a close associate and ally of Hunter Biden's father.

Alexander noted that McCormick's attempt at bringing his findings to light was met with censorship from the social media platform then known as Twitter prior to it being purchased by Elon Musk.

She recalled how his Twitter account was deactivated after he posted a photo of Biden, former President Barack Obama, and other Democratic figures along with a caption that read, "Every single person in this photo knew Joe Biden was shaking down Ukraine through his sleazy son Hunter. Every. Single. One."

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