Former Rep. Joe Walsh says Mike Pence killed his GOP career with Trump criticisms

 March 17, 2024

Former Vice President Mike Pence made headlines this week after announcing his thoughts on endorsing his former boss, President Donald Trump. 

Not that Trump will lose any sleep over his decision, but Pence told Fox News last week that he will not endorse Trump in the 2024 election, citing personal differences.

According to the Washington Examiner, some, including former Illinois Rep. Joe Walsh, believe that Pence is killing his future as a Republican with his stance toward Trump.

Walsh substantiated that prediction by telling CNN his personal career experience after he criticized Trump in the 2020 election.

What did he say?

Walsh challenged Trump in the 2020 Republican primary, and it quickly forced him out of the race.

"I can’t emphasize this enough. As a Republican, if you publicly oppose Trump, you’re done as a Republican," Walsh said.

He added, "When I came out six years ago and publicly stood against Donald Trump, I took a blowtorch to my career, but I also knew I could never, ever run as a Republican again. Mike Pence today just did that."

When talking to CNN’s Abby Phillip, Walsh predicted that Pence's challenge of Trump and his public criticism would essentially "end" his career as a Republican.

"I think he’s closing the door on running as a Republican," Walsh said. "And Abby, if he’s not, he’s smoking something because he’ll never — look, he and I are the same age. In our lifetime, this Republican Party is not gonna change. This will never be Mike Pence’s Republican or Joe Walsh’s Republican Party again."

Social media reacts

Social media users were not kind to Walsh's assessment, as the vast majority of Trump's base are not fans of the former Illinois congressman.

"Nothing genuine about either one of you. You both put yourselves before the people of this country and the country," one X user wrote.

Another X user wrote, "Pretty easy decision for Pence. His political career was over anyway. Not much of a sacrifice when you have nothing to lose."

Pence is one of the most publicly prominent Republicans to declare that he will not support Trump in November.

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