Former Trump aide talks about VP candidates

 February 25, 2024

Sam Nunberg believes that former President Donald Trump needs to pick a running mate who can act as a "top adviser" on some of the biggest political issues, such as immigration. 

Nunberg suggested as much in a recent interview with Breitbart News' Breitbart News Saturday. 

For those unfamiliar with Nunberg, he is a former aide to Trump.

More recently, he supported Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis' (R) 2024 campaign for the U.S. presidency. But, now that DeSantis has suspended his campaign, Nunberg is back to supporting Trump.

Nunberg on what Trump should look for in a VP

Nunberg, during the interview, argues that Trump ought to choose a candidate whom the voters will view as being able to fix one major political problem.

Nunberg said that he thinks it would be a good idea for Trump to pick someone who could fix the southern border crisis.

He explained that Trump should pick someone and “say that this…person’s job is going to be to immediately…report to me day today on immigration, on deportations, on closing the border, on dealing with Mexico and the other countries in that area on enforcement, on possible military action against the cartels . . .”

Nunberg picked this issue because he believes that it is one of Biden's greatest political weaknesses. Polling would support this.

The former Trump aid said that Trump ought to sell his vice president pick to the voter by saying:

Don’t judge the person on anything else, if you want, you know, this person is literally going to be my top adviser. We’re going to be running on dealing with this immigration problem…This person is going to be in charge of…getting these people out of this country from anywhere from New York City to the Rio Grande. Doesn’t matter. I’m going to give this person full authority. I’m going to be ready with an attorney general.

Two possibilities

If Trump were to pick such a running mate, Nunberg argued that General Jack Keane and former Homeland Border Security Adviser Tom Homan would be two really good possibilities.

If, however, Trump goes the more traditional route with his vice president pick, Nunberg suggested that U.S. Sen. J.D. Vance (R-OH) could be a good choice.

Regarding Vance, Nunberg said, "He understands the struggles of America. He understands the opioid crisis. He’s a well-educated family man. That would be somebody that I would like for him to strongly consider."

Vance certainly has been one of the more frequently suggested running mate possibilities for Trump.

And, Trump has not ruled Vance out.

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