Former Trump-appointed assistant AG says his DOJ indictment could be dismissed

 June 14, 2023

Former President Donald Trump is under the gun with the indictment issued against him by President Joe Biden's Justice Department regarding the handling of classified documents at his Mar-a-Lago estate. 

While many legal scholars and talking heads are more than convinced that Trump has a steep legal mountain to climb to avoid being charged with crimes that could land him in prison, a former Assistant Attorney General from the Trump administration believes the indictment contains a key item that could be grounds for "immediate dismissal."

The former assistant AG spelled out his case in a recent tweet, pointing to a particular section of the indictment that caught his eye.

I'm beginning to read the indictment against Trump. But even three pages in, it's clear that the leaks that preceded the indictment are far too close to what is actually being pleaded by DOJ to be a coincidence. For example, in paragraph 6a on page 3, we hear about the recording of the Bedminster call, which the MSNBC's of the world have been beating a dead horse about for quite a while based on such leaks," Clark wrote.

He added, "This means that Trump lawyers could not possibly be the source of the leaks. Ergo, the leaks are coming from DOJ. They must be investigated and punished. Also, this is grounds for granting a motion highlighting jury pool poisoning and dismissing the indictment before it reaches even its one-month birthday."

"All of this is so outrageous; it shocks the conscience. It's fundamentally anti-American. Trump Witch Hunt Number ... what? I've lost count. Let's call it Trump Witch Hunt #99," he continued.

Clark made headlines last summer when he became the target of Biden's DOJ, telling former Fox News host Tucker Carlson that he was dragged out of his house while the feds seized electronic equipment.

"I just think we’re living in an era that I don’t recognize,” Clark told Carlson after the raid, adding, "and increasingly, Tucker, I don’t recognize the country anymore with these Stasi-like things happening."

Social media reacted to Clark's idea that Trump's indictment could be dismissed. Some supported the theory while others expressed criticism.

"Doj releasing of evidence to taint any jurors is grounds for immediate dismissal of charges correct? Is it because they have no confidence in any conviction and this is just election interference?" one Twitter user wrote.

Another Twitter user added: "They know the majority of people aren’t going to read through all that word for word. Folks are going to wait for their favorite pundit to copy/paste cherry-picked slices to post along with their comments 'proving' guilt."

Trump has maintained his innocence in all pending investigations he faces.

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