Former Trump legal team head recorded making sexually explicit remarks

 August 4, 2023

The New York Daily News announced this past May that former Trump legal team head Rudy Giuliani was hit with a $10 million sexual harassment lawsuit from a woman who claimed to have once worked for him.

What's more, the paper reported on Tuesday that Giuliani's accuser has produced recordings in which Giuliani can be heard making lurid remarks. 

Giuliani heard making sexually explicit comments

According to a certified transcript of one recording made in March of 2019, Giuliani can be heard saying, "Come here, big t--s. Come here, big t--s."

"Your t--s belong to me. Give them to me (indiscernible). I want to claim my t--s. I want to claim my tits. I want to claim my t--s. These are my t--s," the former New York City Mayor continued.

"These breasts belong to me. Nobody else can get near these, okay? I don’t care if they're flirting or they give you business cards. These are mine, you got it?" Giuliani insisted.

The transcript of another recording shows Giuliani arguing that Jewish men tend to have smaller genitalia than Italians due to "natural selection."

"Jewish men have small c--ks"

"Jewish men have small c--ks because they can't use them after they get married. Whereas the Italian men use them all their lives so they get bigger," he said.

Those recordings were submitted by Noelle Dunphy, a business consultant who says she worked for Giuliani from January 2019 through the end of 2021.

In addition to accusing the former mayor of sexual harassment, Dunphy also contends that he owes her unpaid wages.

Giuliani denies Dunphy ever worked for him, claims relationship was consensual

The Independent noted that for his part, Giuliani has denied that Dunphy ever worked for him and insisted that their relationship was consensual.

Ben Goodman is an advisor to Giuliani, and he told the paper that Dunphy has a "documented history of making harassment claims against men for the purpose of making money."

"It's disappointing to see some so-called 'journalists' stoop so low with these smears and attacks against a man who has dedicated his life to serving others," Goodman complained.

"Mayor Giuliani cleaned up the streets of New York City, took down the Mafia and comforted the nation following September 11," he added.

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