Former TV Anchor Announces Run For Senate

 October 19, 2023

Christina Pascucci has an announcement to make:

She's running for Senate.

As a former television news anchor, Pascucci does NOT have the political experience that career politicians have.

That's exactly the edge that Pascucci thinks she needs to connect with voters.

Christina is attempting to fill the vacant seat left by the late Senator Dianne Feinstein.

Pascucci announced her candidacy on Twitter

"This election will be a choice between how it’s been done, and how it can be. Voters are disappointed by the polarization and partisan fighting they see in California, and across the nation. We need aspirational leaders now who will bring America back to its ideals. Washington is in dire need of a heavy dose of truth. I am the person to bring it."

It's a risky move, and could end up being an expensive one.

Donald Trump's move from TV to politics paid off TREMENDOUSLY.

Kari Lake's hasn't yet.

Pascucci thinks she has what it takes to make sure she is the kind of television personality who translates well to everyday voters.

Because she thinks she's one of them.

"I’ve been covering the most pressing issues of California for the past 15 years and watching this race closely, as well as covering it and interviewing some of the candidates," Pascucci said. "And the more I watched it, the more closely I studied it, I honestly felt dismayed by how it was shaping up. I spoke to a lot of others who felt the same way. Like, this is our future — more of the same."

Some people LOVE inexperienced politicians, it means they haven't yet been tainted by big money and evil desires.

Other people HATE inexperienced politicians, it means that they don't know how to play hardball in a way that gets things done.

Which side are you on when it comes to this independent Democrat?

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