Former White House advisor says indicted Trump employees are Jack Smith's "invisible victims"

 August 9, 2023

Many conservatives have slammed Special Counsel Jack Smith's indictments of former President Donald Trump, arguing that they are politically motivated.

However, one former Trump administration advisor recently called on those critics to also "spare a thought" for what he called Smith's "invisible victims."

Smith has targeted Trump's employees

In an op-ed piece published by Breitbart this week, Dr. Sebastian Gorka cited Smith's targeting of "humble, hardworking Americans like President Trump’s butler Walt Nauta and Mar-a-Lago’s property manager Carlos De Oliveira."

"Walt was a colleague of mine in the White House," Gorka recalled, adding, "He’s a Navy veteran who served his nation and his Commander-in-Chief with honor."

Gorka explained that Nauta now "works at Mar-a-Lago, and because Walt moved boxes of documents that the president was fully in his authority to have—as per Congressional statute—Walt was charged as a co-conspirator in Jack Smith’s first assault on President Trump’s rights and the U.S. Constitution."

What's more, the former White House adviser asserted that "De Oliveira was also targeted by Jack Smith simply because he works for the 45th President of the United States."

DOJ said to have one standard for Hunter Biden and another for "the working man"

Gorka then drew a contrast between the sweetheart plea bargain deal that was offered to Hunter Biden with how the Department of Justice (DOJ) has treated the working class De Oliveira.

"Remember when the Democrats said they fight for the working man, the oppressed, the downtrodden, the exploited minorities?" Gorka asked.

"Not anymore. If you dare to work for someone they politically disagree with—or worse, for a man who isn’t beholden to the vested political and business interests of the 'elite'—well, then they’ll sic their Department of Justice Dobermans on you," he warned.

Gorka is not alone in decrying Smith's behavior, as a former chief of the Justice Department's organized crime unit did so this week as well.

DOJ prosecutor accused of trying to extort Nauta's attorney

During a Sunday appearance on Fox News' "Life, Liberty & Levin," James Trusty reacted to a reported filing made by Nauta's attorney which alleged that a DOJ prosecutor Jay Bratt suggested that the lawyer's application to become a federal judge might be compromised unless Nauta could be convinced to cooperate.

According to the Guardian, Bratt's comments were said to have been made in person during a meeting in November of last year.

"You had a high-level DOJ official -- according to a statement submitted as an officer-to-the-court, to a federal judge -- told Stanley Woodward, a defense attorney representing Walt Nauta that it would be a shame, essentially, if he endangered his pending judgeship by not flipping Nauta against President Trump," Trusty said.

"So the people that we are entrusting in our criminal justice system to fairly and impartially and transparently pursue justice are actually obstructionists because they're so hellbent on going after one target: President Trump," he complained.

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