Fox News begins 'company-wide layoffs'

 July 16, 2023

"Company-wide layoffs" are currently taking place at Fox News.

This information comes from journalist Chadwick Moore.

Moore, in the past few days, has posted several messages to his Twitter account exposing what is going on, largely out of the public's eye.

It turns out that among those being laid off are the remaining members of Tucker Carlson's team. Carlson, of course, is the extremely popular former Fox News host who was fired by Fox in April for undisclosed reasons.

The "company-wide layoffs"

In a Twitter message that Moore posted on Friday, July 14, he wrote:

EXCLUSIVE: According to a current senior producer at Fox News, there are company-wide layoffs happening right now that no one is reporting on. “Morale miserable across teams on both news and opinion,” the producer says.

Moore goes on to report his source as saying that Fox's shows are getting "frantic, bipolar guidance almost daily on blacklisted and unblacklisted guests, including sitting members of the Senate."

In subsequent Twitter messages, Moore gave as an example U.S. Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-AL).

Moore in one message, wrote, "According to multiple sources, @TTuberville was banned from the prominent shows on the network . . ."

Moore, in a separate message, also suggested that Fox fired an executive producer for Fox & Friends after this individual invited Tuberville onto her show.

There's more

Moore, in yet another Twitter message, revealed that the remaining members of Carlson's team are also being fired by Fox.

Moore writes:

EXCLUSIVE: @TuckerCarlson’s remaining team at Fox News (nine employees) will be frog marched out of the building tonight at 9:00pm. HR will be waiting outside the control room when they finish tonight’s show to escort the remaining producers outside. One former Carlson producer called it “Degrading!”

Moore, here, also provides a screenshot that, according to him, is the very email that Fox sent to these employees. Take a look at the email for yourself:

The big question, of course, is why is all of this taking place. And, we do not know the answer - Fox has kept silent. It's clear, however, that Fox appears to be in some serious trouble, and it is also clear that this trouble emerged after its 2020 presidential election coverage, after its firing of Carlson, and - perhaps most importantly - after it adopted an anti-Trump position. This probably is no coincidence.

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