Fox News broadcaster Charissa Thompson saw home being burglarized

 June 27, 2023

Fox News sports broadcaster Charissa Thompson shared on her podcast, "Calm Down," details of her Los Angeles home being burglarized, which she was able to see with an app on her phone, and her feelings about the invasion. 

Thompson was not at home when the home was burglarized, but watched it later with her security system's app.

“I was at the ranch,” Thompson said. “I got a text message in the morning that said my front door in L.A. had been, you know. … The alarm had went off at 12:15 at night. And I was like, that’s weird. So, I checked my cameras, and sure enough, two guys running out my front door, bags in their hands."

“And I immediately started bawling and this feeling in my stomach of like, holy sh*t, I’ve just been robbed," she continued. "And now it’s the panic of, like, trying to check the other cameras, the angles, and to expedite the specifics.”

"They were professionals"

She said she thought the burglars scaled a 15-foot fence to enter the house.

“These were professionals,” Thompson explained. “They knew exactly how much time they had. They were only in there for four minutes. They can take all that stuff. But the thing that they took to me that was the most valuable is my sense of security. And that’s not something I can go claim on an insurance form.”

Still, Thompson mocked the burglars for taking pillowcases off her pillows to carry out their stolen goods, but said they missed "the good stuff" because she hides it.

Thompson said she had previously been stalked at a previous residence and was attacked.

She's not alone

Thompson's podcast co-host Erin Andrews has also been victimized.

Andrews was awarded $55 million in 2016 after she sued a hotel in Nashville and a man, Michael David Barrett, who stalked her and took photos of her naked in 2008.

Burglaries have been a problem in the sports world in 2023 and have gotten a good amount of publicity.

Multiple NFL players have had their cars stolen, some of them held at gunpoint to do so.

In 2022, two Yankees pitchers had their Tampa, Florida homes burglarized with hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of items taken.

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