Fox News host Sean Hannity leaves New York for Florida

 January 4, 2024

In a move many other conservatives have already made, Fox News host Sean Hannity revealed this week that he has said goodbye to New York. 

According to the New York Post, Hannity announced the news to audience members during Tuesday's episode of his radio show.

Hannity: "I am out"

"If anybody is listening to this program for any length of time, been threatening now to do this for quite a while, but we are now beginning our first broadcast of my new home, and that is in the free state of Florida," the Post quoted him as saying.

"I am out. I am done. I’m finished. New York, New York, goodbye. Florida, Florida, if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. But it’s great to be here," Hannity declared.

"And finally, for the first time that I can think of in my adult life, I actually have representatives in the state that I’m living in that share my values," the host continued.

"I have a governor by the name of Ron DeSantis and Senator Marco Rubio and Senator Rick Scott. So I’m feeling a lot better about it," Hannity said.

Census data shows Florida is drawing new residents

He added that he was "not going to go through the whys, the how comes, because it’s obvious this migration out of the blue states with high taxes, burdensome regulation, high crime, horrible school districts is real."

"And if anything, I’m probably late and behind the curve and many others have made the move beforehand," Hannity admitted.

The Post pointed to US Census Bureau data which shows that the Sunshine State gained 365,00 people between July of 2022 and July of 2023. In contrast, New York state lost over 100,00 residents during the same time frame.

The newspaper noted in an article last month that this is part of a broader trend that has seen people leave blue states in favor of red ones.

Former NYPD officer: "People are getting sick of it"

Among them is Brooklyn native and former NYPD officer John Macari, who relocated to Florida from New York in 2022.

"People are getting sick of it. The lawlessness, the protests in transit hubs. Young families no longer see this as a place to raise their children," Macari said of his old home.

"Criminals and migrants are being put ahead of everyday New Yorkers. As long as that continues, more people are going to flee," he added.

New York Republican Rep. Nicole Malliotakis offered a similar assessment, saying that her state "is leading the nation and population loss because of reckless policies that have increased cost of living while driving up crime and reducing the quality of life."

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