Fox News host sends Harvard degree back, starts documentary on Ivy League decline

 January 29, 2024

Fox News host Pete Hesgeth was so disgusted by Ivy League Universities' leftward lurch in recent years that he sent his Harvard Degree back to the university and began hosting a documentary about their decline.

"Poison Ivy" goes back 100 years to trace the movement to the left, consulting history along with several conservative pundits.

“Obviously people have known for a long time that our so-called elite universities are left of center, and certainly Oct. 7 laid bare the depth of the ideological depravity of these universities, but I think the first step to recovery is understanding the depth of problem,” told The Washington Times.

“I really wanted viewers to understand this is not some recent fad where just a couple more conservative professors can change the trajectory of the institution,” he said. “These are deeply poisoned entities.”

Talking to donors

Hesgeth's documentary features University of Pennsylvania donors who stopped their donations to the university over anti-Semitism concerns.

He was not able to get an interview with Bill Ackman, the billionaire hedge-fund manager leading the charge against Harvard. The presidents of both colleges resigned after the series was filmed.

“Talk about a guy whose switch flipped,” Hegseth said about Mr. Ackman. “He wrote that wonderful op-ed about DEI and what he’s seen, looking under the hood, and that’s phenomenal, I loved that. I just wish there would have been more scrutiny earlier as these institutions went down the rabbit hole.”

Donor withdrawals may be one of the only consequences that will get Ivy League universities' attention.

Because of their prestige, enough students are not just going to stop attending to cause them to consider their policies.

Staying conservative

Hesgeth has the unique situation of having attended two different Ivy League institutions, but remaining conservative.

(Ben Shapiro also attended Harvard Law School and is still conservative, but the phenomenon is fairly rare).

"Part of it is: I lived it," he said. "I lived the evolution myself, I saw it, and I was staggered when I was an undergraduate by how left-wing it was, but it was still mostly open discourse. There’s been a fast forward even since then.”

When the left got so radical that it would lose any fair argument, it stopped supporting open discourse and turned basically fascist.

The Ivy League universities--and most other higher learning institutions in the U.S.--were only too glad to shut down free speech and push a leftist agenda.

" A free people [claim] their rights, as derived from the laws of nature."
Thomas Jefferson
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