Fox News will no longer employ Lara Trump

 December 5, 2022

The Los Angeles Times reported this weekend that Fox News is saying goodbye to commentator Lara Trump.

The paper quoted a statement from Fox News as saying, "We appreciate Lara’s valuable contributions across Fox News Media programming."

Donald Trump's announcement

Fox News' decision to part ways with Trump came after her father-in-law, former President Donald Trump, announced last month that he is running to reclaim his old job in 2024.

The Times noted that Lara Trump was first hired by Fox News in 2021. However, she is considered to be a surrogate for her father-in-law's campaign and is thus prohibited by company policy from remaining with the network.

Similarly, former White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was let go by Fox News after she announced her intention to run for governor of Arkansas. Sanders won her race last month, becoming the state's first female governor.

It is not clear what role Trump will play in her father-in-law campaign and her Twitter account has seen little activity since September. She continues to record videos for her podcast called The Right View.

Former President Trump demands election do-over following Twitter revelations

Meanwhile, former President Trump made headlines over the weekend after he demanded a do-over of the 2020 election.

That call came after Elon Musk provided journalist Matt Taibb with emails showing that in late 2020 Twitter staff colluded with Democrats to suppress reporting on Hunter Biden's laptop.

Specifically, Taibb laid out in a series of tweets how "Twitter took extraordinary steps" to limit distribution of articles published by the New York Post on Hunter Biden's laptop.

What's more, Twitter employees also discussed in emails how they "handled" problems for the Biden campaign by silencing its critics.

During a Twitter Spaces discussion this past weekend, Musk hinted at the possibility that "more smoking guns" about the 2020 election might be forthcoming.

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