Fox reporter Peter Doocy calls out KJP over Biden's 'real governor' remark

 January 26, 2024

If it weren't for Fox News’ Peter Doocy, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre would never be pressed to answer serious questions.

According to Yahoo, President Joe Biden recently referred to Virginia’s former Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe as the state’s "real governor."

Doocy followed up on the bizarre remark just like any reporter should have, especially if the tables were turned and a Republican press secretary made that type of comment.

The exchange between Doocy and KJP became testy, as the press secretary attempted to dance around the question.

What happened?

"Is election denying a joke now?" Doocy asked in reference to Biden's bizarre remark.

KJP downplayed the elderly president's asinine remark, and through several back-and-forths, she attempted to play it off as if the president had told a joke about the Virginia governor.

"He was making a joke about McAuliffe’s previous term as governor," KJP insisted.

Doocy responded, "How are you guys going to convince people, though, that this idea of denying election results is very bad, if President Biden is going out and making jokes like this?"

KJP's gears were turning at that point and decided to acknowledge that Glenn Youngkin is the actual governor.

"He did not deny. He did not deny it. He congratulated Gov. Youngkin. Matter of fact, when he won his election, he did it out of the gate. Out of the gate. Really. Truly. He congratulated the governor. And not only that, we’ve had opportunities to work closely with the governor over the past couple of years. And, you know, this is a president that works across the aisle. We’ve seen that many times. And he was making a joke," KJP said.

Social media reacts

Users across social media reacted to Biden's labeling of the "real" governor, mocking him for his hypocrisy on "election deniers," as he clearly just acted like one with that remark.

"I want him arrested and I want 750 years of prison for this kind of rhetoric," one X user wrote, mocking the president's administration.

Another X user wrote, "Arrest him now! Lmao, that’s how it works, right democrats."

"He is a terrible person who does everything he accuses others of doing. Everything. The projection is as major as it could ever be," another user wrote.

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