Fraudster ex-Baltimore DA Marilyn Mosby wants Biden to pardon her before her possible 40 year sentence

 May 3, 2024

Marilyn Mosby, a former district attorney in Baltimore, is pleading for presidential clemency despite facing decades in prison for mortgage fraud and perjury. 

The 44-year-old former prosecutor maintained to MSNBC's Joy Reid that she had committed  "absolutely nothing wrong, nothing illegal, nothing criminal" and that it would be "appropriate" for Biden to overturn her conviction, as The Daily Mail reported.

Mosby characterized her conviction as a "political attack" against her, while Reid argued that she "found herself on the other side of the courtroom" due to her charge against police officers implicated in the contentious 2015 death of Freddie Gray.

A jury found her guilty of illegally withdrawing funds from her city retirement and providing false information on a mortgage application for a property she purchased in Florida using those funds. Her sentencing is scheduled for May 23.

Details Found During the Trail

The court was informed during Mosby's trial that she fabricated information on her mortgage application for a $428,000 home in Long Boat Key, Florida, including the assertion that her spouse had given her $5,000 as a gift.

According to prosecutors, she fabricated the receipt of the $5,000 in order to obtain a reduced interest rate. In reality, she transferred the funds to her spouse before having him return them, which was another financial deception.

Reid expressed her astonishment in an interview with MSNBC that Mosby was prosecuted for withdrawing "her own money," implying that Mosby's previous disputes with Republicans could have rendered her a target.

According to Capital Gazette, Democratic US Attorney Erek Barron indicted progressive Mosby, whose lenient stance on crime was blamed for the increasing rate of crime in murder-ravaged Baltimore. Biden-nominated Judge Lydia Kay Griggsby presided over her trial.

Mosby's Comments About Herself

Mosby, speaking in the third person, stated that she believes her impending imprisonment is due to her previous conduct during her tenure as the state's attorney.

She further expressed her desire for those she advocated for to now extend their support.

She stated, "If they can do this to Marilyn Mosby, who had the audacity to challenge the status quo, they can do it to anybody."

"I want this justice system that I fought so hard to equalize and to balance the scales of justice, where the business model is based off the backs of black and brown people. "

Her request for presidential clemency coincides with the nearly 10,000 signatures reportedly gathered on an online petition to President Biden that she did not initiate but has been endorsing.

She has reportedly not submitted an application to the Office of the Pardon Attorney, which examines cases and makes recommendations to the president, despite her belief that a pardon would be "appropriate."

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