Freed Israeli hostage Mia Schem says all Gazans are 'terrorists'

 December 30, 2023

Freed Israeli hostage Mia Schem, who spent 54 days in Hamas captivity in Gaza after being abducted from a music festival on October 7, said she "went through a Holocaust" during her captivity and that "Everyone over there is a terrorist."

Schem was shot in the arm while in her car trying to flee Hamas attackers, and then abducted by Hamas and taken to Gaza.

“It was important for me to reflect on the true situation of the people living in Gaza – who they are, and what I went through there," she told Israeli reporters.

Schem was released with 104 other hostages during a temporary truce between Israel and Hamas on November 30. Another 134 hostages are still being held in Gaza, including several dead bodies.

"Went through Hell"

Schem recounts that her arm was wrapped in a piece of plastic for three days before a surgeon operated on it "without anesthesia. The doctor who operated on her told her she would not go home alive.

She was forced to say on camera that she was being treated for her injuries, but tells reporters now that she changed her own bandages and cleaned her own wound.

She was eventually sent to be housed with a family in Gaza, where she says she was stared at by the children and not fed for days at a time.

“These are families under Hamas. In retrospect, I suddenly realized that I was with a family. Suddenly, I started asking myself questions, why am I in a family’s house? Why are there children here? Why is there a woman here?” she said.

Lived in fear

She lived in fear of being raped and was told she was being watched, that her watchers were "raping her with their eyes."

She was kept in a room in the house and told not to scream or cry. She said she believes the husband in the family would have raped her if his wife and children had not been there.

The wife was jealous or suspicious of her husband being in the room where she was held and would withhold food for days because of it, she said.

She also recounted that a young child in the family came into the room she was in, opened a bag of sweets, closed it, and left the room to taunt her.

At times, she thought she might starve to death.

Eventually, she was taken to a tunnel area for several days without food and water, then released with other hostages.

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