Freedom Caucus shuts down House over spending deal negotiated by Mike Johnson

 January 11, 2024

House Speaker Mike Johnson faced the first major test of his leadership this week as some Republicans are preparing to revolt over his spending deal. 

That's according to the Washington Examiner, which noted how on Wednesday members of the House Freedom Caucus voted not to hold debate on a slew of bills and thus brought the chamber to a standstill.

House Freedom Caucus chair says deal is "unacceptable"

Virginia Republican Rep. Bob Good serves as chairman of the House Freedom Caucus, and he explained that the move came in response to a budget agreement Johnson reached this past weekend with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer.

"We’re making a statement that what the deal as has been announced that doesn’t secure the border, and that doesn’t cut our spending — and it’s going to be passed, apparently, under suspension of the rules by predominantly Democrat votes — is unacceptable," the Examiner quoted Good as saying.

"My hope is to persuade the speaker and the leadership and our entire Republican conference to not follow through with the deal as it’s been announced," he continued.

Good: "We mean what we say"

"We have leverage as a House majority. Even though our majority is narrow and it’s tight, we can pass everything that we want to with a simple-vote majority," Good stressed.

The Republican lawmaker went on to point out how senators "can't force anything upon us" while asserting the House's "leverage has to be utilized."

"I hope that this is one more additional effort to try to get the attention of leadership to let them know that we mean it," Good said.

"We mean what we say. I think there’s a number of us who've demonstrated we mean what we say," the House Freedom Caucus chair concluded.

Johnson says he isn't worried about being removed

House Freedom Caucus members spearheaded the successful effort last to remove former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy from office.

However, the Examiner observed that Johnson has thus far dismissed any suggestion he should worry about suffering a similar fate.

"It’s not something I walk around and think about. What I’m thinking about is governing and trying to do well by the people," Johnson was quoted as saying.

Criticism of the spending deal isn't limited to House Republicans, as Fox News reported that some GOP senators also aren't satisfied with the $1.66 trillion agreement.

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