Freshman Republican calls out Biden for selling amnesty as 'solution' to border crisis

 January 3, 2023

Incoming House Republican Wesley Hunt (Tx.) accused President Biden of trying to put "lipstick on a pig" by plugging an amnesty for illegal immigrants even as the southern border is overrun.

Biden must be held accountable for his "dereliction of duty," Hunt said during a broadcast of Fox News Live.

"Complete joke"

Hunt called it a "complete joke" that large numbers of unvetted immigrants are pouring across the borders of the most powerful nation in the world.

It's "astounding" that Biden, rather than take responsibility for the crisis, is pushing for amnesty for illegal immigrants as a solution, Hunter added.

"What’s astounding to me is to watch this current administration now talk about amnesty," Hunt said.

"We cannot put the cart in front of the horse. I say no to amnesty. We have to make sure we secure our borders first and then start to tackle some of these large immigration issues."

Biden's cynical move

As Hunt noted, Biden has repeatedly plugged immigration "reform," a code word for a huge amnesty, as the solution to a crisis that Biden has yet to acknowledge in the first place.

Biden has instead insisted that the southern border is "secure" while pointing to a "broken system" that Biden says he inherited.

While it's true that mass illegal immigration didn't begin under Biden, it has hit unprecedented levels, with more than 4 million immigrants having crossed the border since Biden became president.

Biden's deeply cynical "solution," of course, would only create further incentives for illegal border crossings by rewarding the unknown millions of illegals already living in the U.S.

Accountability incoming?

Biden is continuing to push for an end to President Trump's Title 42 border policy, an outcome which could bring as many as 14,000 immigrants to the border a day.

The administration's refusal to address the unremitting invasion -- or rather, as many see it, its deliberate efforts to inflame the crisis - - have led to threats of impeachment from Republicans, who gained the House majority on Tuesday.

Hunt called Biden's border policy "simply un-American", but he demurred on whether to impeach Biden's Department of Homeland Security chief Alejandro Mayorkas, saying he will be "sitting through a lot of hearings."

"[W]e need to hold those accountable that have basically conducted a dereliction of duty over the course of the past few years during the Biden administration," he said.

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