Fulton County District Attorney 'really angry' about attacks over Trump prosecution

 October 19, 2023

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis made headlines in August when she indicted former President Donald Trump on multiple charges relating to his conduct following the 2020 election.

That move made Willis a target for criticism, something which has left the prosecutor feeling "hurt" and "really angry."

Willis: "If you are a leader, you’re gonna be attacked"

According to the Washington Examiner, aired her grievances during a recent closed-door meeting with donors covered by the "Politically Georgia" podcast.

"If you are a leader, you’re gonna be attacked, and so, there are some days I’m human and I’m really angry or I’m hurt that somebody would tell a bald-faced lie on me," Willis was quoted as saying.

One of the "craziest" examples Willis pointed to was a claim that she is involved in a sexual relationship with an underage "gangbanger."

"I’m like, ‘A 17-year-old? Like what? I like ‘em old!'" the district attorney declared. "So, you have these personal moments where you’re like, 'Why am I being personally attacked and all I’m out here trying to do is my job?'"

"What it told me is you ain't special, that if you are a leader and you are put in a position that people are going to lie on you and they’re going to attack you, but you have to still do what is the mission," Willis went on to add.

Trump campaign ad labels four prosecutors as the "Fraud Squad"

The Examiner noted that former President Trump has regularly gone after Willis along with Special Counsel Jack Smith, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, and New York Attorney General Leticia James.

Trump's campaign released an advertisement earlier this month called "The Fraud Squad" which singled out those individuals by name.

The four prosecutors were referred to as being "unscrupulous accomplices" who had been "assembled" by President Joe Biden.

Trump hit with gag orders from two judges

That has resulted in Trump being hit with gag orders by New York Supreme Court Justice Arthur Engoron and U.S. District Judge Judge Tanya Chutkan.

Engoron is presiding over the former president's civil fraud case in New York while Chutkan is overseeing his criminal prosecution in Washington D.C.

As the Examiner explained, Engoron's order prohibited Trump from disparaging court staff while Chutkan imposed "a broader set of restrictions" that apply to "prosecutors, court staff, or potential witnesses."

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