Fulton D.A. Fani Willis wins Georgia Democratic primary

 May 22, 2024

The Associated Press projects that Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis defeated author and attorney Christian Wise Smith in the Georgia Democratic primary.

As her prosecution of former President Donald Trump and others in the state's 2020 election interference case remains entangled in a Georgia appellate court, the 52-year-old prosecutor is vying for another term as district attorney, as CBS News reported.

"I am just so humbled and so grateful to the citizens of Fulton County who made this possible," Willis told supporters at an election night party Tuesday.

"Tonight they delivered a strong and a powerful message. They want a district attorney that believes everyone deserves to be safe, and everyone is entitled to some dignity. And it's a message that's pissing folks off but there is no one above the law in this country."

Willis' Next Challenge

Willis will now face Courtney Kramer, a Republican opponent, in the upcoming general election. Kramer was an aide in the White House counsel's office during the Trump administration and a litigation consultant for the Trump campaign in Georgia following the 2020 election, per her LinkedIn profile.

"My opponent is completely unqualified, completely," Willis argued. "She has less than 20 years of practicing law she has never been in a criminal courtroom."

Willis was previously opposed in 2020 by Wise Smith and then-incumbent District Attorney Paul Howard.

"People are ready for a change," Wise Smith told CBS News. "People are tired of the same-old, same-old from that office. People want a breath of fresh air."

Resignation Request

Willis' resignation was requested by Wise Smith, 41, on Monday. He cited two congressional investigations conducted by the Republicans that examined the use of federal funds by the district attorney's office.

Republican Senators Chuck Grassley (IA) and Ron Johnson (WI) requested information about several Justice Department grants in a letter to Willis last week, alleging that "the Fulton County DA may have misused funds from these grants to finance unrelated travel or the acquisition of computers and "swag."

"It's a very serious job where people are trusting you to do the right thing and to have continuous allegations of misuse of those funds to do that, it's time to go, " Wise Smith said.

In addition to investigating the financing of the district attorney, the House Judiciary Committee has issued a threat to hold Willis in contempt of Congress.

More Investigations

In the same month, Chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH) requested testimony from former special prosecutor Nathan Wade, who had a romantic relationship with Willis.

Willis has adamantly denied any improper conduct.

"Jim Jordan has time after time after time attacked my office with no legitimate purpose," Willis said in an MSNBC interview Monday.

"He has now turned his tricks into he's going to look into grant programs, which I invite him to do, and we have complied with his subpoenas, but yet he continues his attacks to try to interfere in a criminal investigation," she said.

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