'General Hospital' star Robyn Bernard found dead

 March 14, 2024

Actor Robyn Bernard, known for her role as Terry Brock in the long-running daytime TV series General Hospital, has died. She was 64. 

Bernard was found dead in an open field behind a business in San Jacinto, California. The cause of death is not known at this time, but police said foul play is not suspected.

'General Hospital' actor dies

Bernard was found in the early morning Tuesday, the Riverside County Sherriff's Department said.

Fans of General Hospital will remember Bernard as Terry Brock, the alcoholic singer and daughter of villain D.L. Brock, portrayed by David Groh. After 145 episodes, Bernard's role on the show ended when her character received a recording contract.

Bernard got her start in the French movie Diva and with guest roles in TV shows like The Facts of Life, Simon & Simon and Whiz Kids.

She was known to moviegoers in France for her appearances in Diva, the Oscar-nominated Betty Blue, and Roselyne And The Lions. 

After leaving General Hospital in 1990, Bernard appeared in one episode of the French detective series Maigret and the French comedy film Kings For A Day. 

Her last acting credit was as a psychologist in Voices From The High School.

Tragic last days

Bernard's younger sister Crystal Bernard is also an actor, known for playing Helen Chappel in the sitcom Wings. 

Their father, Jerry Bernard, is a Texas-born evangelical preacher and sometime actor who introduced his daughters to gospel singing when they were young.

Robyn Bernard may have been homeless after losing her mobile home in a fire a few years ago, the Daily Beast reported, citing a local news outlet in San Jacinto.

Eric Ackerman, a member of the General Hospital Fan Club, told The Daily Beast that the group had lost track of Bernard after she appeared for a fan event in 2014.

“‘I'll never forget, when Robyn left the event that day, she said, ‘This was the happiest day of my life,’” Ackerman said. “She loved her co-stars and the fanfare.”

Ackerman shared a heartfelt tribute to Bernard on X, joining her many fans in mourning the late actor.


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