George Conway predicts Trump will go to jail

 May 23, 2023

One of Donald Trump's most passionate critics, George Conway, predicted the former president will go to jail soon for obstruction of justice. 

Conway, the estranged husband of former Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway, told MSNBC's All In that the obstruction argument is "so strong" that Trump can be charged even if no other evidence of a criminal act is found in the Special Counsel probe into Trump's handling of classified documents.

As for a motive, Conway said Trump's "insane narcissism" would have been enough for him to take the documents.

"His insane narcissism, and his belief that he controls everything, that Article II allowed him to do whatever he wants, and it is his generals across the river at the Pentagon, these were his documents. I mean, this narcissism alone was sufficient for him to want to keep these documents," he said.

Trump in jeopardy?

Conway noted that former Trump lawyer Ty Cobb, who worked in the Trump White House, recently predicted Trump will go to jail over the case.

"And he should, and he will. Because the obstruction case is just so strong as illustrated by the fact that they have all these lawyers’ notes and all these lawyers testified," Conway said.

While Conway referred to multiple lawyers giving testimony, he overstated the matter: one of Trump's lawyers, Evan Corcoran, has testified in the case. The unusual breach of attorney-client privilege signals the case is "incredibly strong," Conway said.

Trump has argued he had the power to declassify the documents automatically, and that he was cooperating before his home was raided in a shocking show of force against an American president.

Broken record

A skeptic could be forgiven if they think Conway sounds like a broken record. The Trump critic and his ilk have predicted Trump's demise literally for years, with nothing to show for it.

But some observers say the classified documents probe, which is being led by Special Counsel Jack Smith, is potentially the most serious that Trump is facing as he seeks the presidency again in 2024.

Trump is also facing a criminal case in New York for "hush money" that has been widely dismissed as an overtly political joke, and a potential indictment in Georgia relating to the 2020 election.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Smith, who is also investigating January 6th, is "wrapping up" the Mar-A-Lago probe.

Conway has plenty of his own trouble at home. The prolific tweeter's 18-year-old daughter is launching a career as a Playboy model, and Conway is divorcing from wife Kellyanne after years of tensions that spilled into the open during Trump's presidency.

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