George Santos accused of sexual harassment by prospective staffer and former journalist

 February 6, 2023

Embattled Republican George Santos has been accused by a former prospective staffer of sexual harassment.

A former journalist with his own checkered past, Derek Myers, released a letter on Twitter claiming Santos groped him.

New Santos accusation

Myers said he began working for Santos in late January as an unpaid "volunteer" with a prospective staff position. According to Myers, he was alone with Santos in his office on January 25, reviewing correspondence, when Santos began making sexual advances.

Santos allegedly asked Myers to sit down on a small couch and then placed his hand on Myers' leg, asking if he wanted to go to karaoke that night, according to the letter, which was addressed to the House Ethics committee.

Myers said he declined because he was not a fan of clubs and bars and not good at singing.

Santos then allegedly moved his hand up Myers' leg and touched his groin, Myers said. Santos then mentioned that his partner was out of town and invited Myers to his apartment.

Earlier that day, Santos asked Myers whether he used Grindr, a gay hookup app, and Santos said he used the app himself, Myers claimed.

Accuser secretly recorded Santos

Myers said he reported the incident to Capitol Police.

Before briefly working for Santos, Myers was the editor of a small Ohio newspaper, where he landed in legal trouble by publishing a leaked audio recording of testimony in a murder trial. Myers was charged with wiretapping.

Myers said his job offer was rescinded by Santos' office on Wednesday, February 1 after Santos questioned him about the wiretapping incident.

Santos has said he retracted Myers' job offer after finding his responses "evasive." It later turned out that Myers had secretly recorded their conversation and leaked it to a left-leaning website.

Embattled congressman

Myers released a statement after he was let go, acknowledging that Santos was not aware of the wiretapping incident at first, although he said Santos' hiring managers were.

According to Myers, Santos became "paranoid" after learning about Myers' past, and Myers was told the offer was being retracted because Santos was in the midst of a "media frenzy" relating to his biography scandal and didn't need "extra attention."

Santos, who is gay, was previously married to a woman. He has denied claims that he was a drag performer while living in Brazil.

The controversial politician has been under constant media scrutiny since he was found to have misled voters about his personal and professional life, but he has defied calls to resign.

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