Georgia Gov. Kemp refuses to rule out a 2024 run

 December 3, 2022

NBC News reports that Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp (R) has refused to rule out a run for the U.S. presidency in 2024. 

If Kemp were to run, he'd have to face off against former President Donald Trump. And, we all know that, following the 2020 presidential election, in particular, there is no love lost between Trump and Kemp.

NBC begins its report by, not inaccurately, describing Kemp as "the Trump-scorned Republican who resisted the former president’s pressure to overturn Joe Biden’s 2020 win in Georgia."

More on this later.

Kemp talks 2024

It was during a recent interview with NBC News that Kemp discussed a potential presidential bid in 2024.

"I’m not focused on 2024," Kemp claimed.

Kemp, instead, maintained that he has other focuses, including putting together Georgia's budget, preparing for the state's upcoming legislative session, preparing for the inauguration, and helping Republican Herschel Walker to achieve victory in the runoff election for Georgia's remaining U.S. Senate seat.

With all of this going on, Kemp insisted, during the NBC interview, that he has "not thought about 2024." According to NBC, though, Kemp refused to rule out a 2024 run.

Kemp did opine that "there’s going to be a lot of great Republicans that are going to be running" for the U.S. presidency in 2024. And, he offered praise to Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R).

Looking ahead

Thus far, only one individual has announced their campaign for the U.S. presidency in 2024, and that is former President Donald Trump.

"In order to make America great and glorious again. I am tonight announcing my candidacy for president of the United States," Trump said in mid-November.

So, if Kemp were to run, he would have to at least make it through Trump. Not only has Trump criticized Kemp for his handling of the election in 2020, but it has to be remembered that Trump even tried to oust Kemp from the Georgia governorship. Kemp survived, and he remains Georgia's governor to this day, after just recently defeating Democrat Stacey Abrams.

Post-midterm polling has made it very clear that Trump remains favored to win the Republican Party's presidential nomination in 2024. Polling would also suggest that Kemp really wouldn't stand a chance.

In fact, if the polling could be trusted, the only Republican who really does stand a chance of defeating Trump in the 2024 Republican primary is DeSantis. But, the polls still have DeSantis significantly trailing Trump, and DeSantis has yet to indicate whether or not he will make an attempt at the U.S. presidency in 2024.

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