Georgia House passes new bill allowing cops to arrest illegal immigrants

 March 3, 2024

The shocking and tragic death of 22-year-old nursing student Laken Riley poured gas onto an already inferno-level debate surrounding the illegal immigration crisis impacting everyday Americans. 

Her suspected killer, who horrifically beat her to death, is an illegal immigrant. In the wake of her death, many have urged local lawmakers to take action to help prevent that from happening again.

According to The Hill, Georgia Republicans have clearly heard the concerns and fears of their constituents and just passed a monumental piece of legislation that would allow law enforcement officers to arrest anyone suspected of being in the country illegally.

Many are cheering Georgia state Republicans for taking such action, as it could help get dangerous illegals out of the country sooner than later, and possibly mitigate the growing number of acts of violence they're committing against U.S. citizens.

The bill passed

The Hill described the crux of the newly-passed Georgia House bill:

The state House voted 97-74 to approve House Bill 1105, which would allow police to arrest anyone with probable cause who is suspected of being in the U.S. unlawfully and detain them for deportation.

The new bill would require jailers and sheriffs to report undocumented detainees to federal authorities. The penalty for not reporting them, which is likely in the state's more progressive areas, would include a loss of state funding and other benefits.

State Rep. Jesse Petrea (R) sponsored and spearheaded the legislation a year ago, but admitted that Riley's death sparked a renewed sense of taking action to make it happen.

Georgia House Speaker Jon Burns praised the new bill and its successful, mostly party-line passage.

"While we continue to pray for Laken Riley and her family, the Georgia House took action today to strengthen public safety and security in our state, stand firmly against illegal immigration and for the rule of law — and I am proud of the passage of House Bill 1105," Burns said in a statement.

Social media reacts

Many across social media praised Georgia Republicans for ensuring the bill passed the House, with some noting that Riley's suspected murderer and others should be deported immediately when caught.

"Should’ve been deported at our southern border instead of being transported further north into our country," one X user wrote.

"Law enforcement officers enforcing laws: a novel concept," another X user wrote.

If the legislation is signed into law by the governor, it'll be interesting to see if other red states follow suit. Only time will tell.

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