Georgia man dies in police shootout near Atlanta after killing four

 July 17, 2023

A Georgia man died in a gunfight with cops one day after he killed four people in a ruthless murder spree outside of Atlanta. 

Andre Longmore, 40, shot three cops before he was finally taken down in Clayton County, 15 miles north of the crime scene in Hampton.

The rampage ended more than 24 hours after Longmore opened fire on neighbors in Dogwood Lakes, a subdivision where he lived about 30 miles south of Atlanta.

Georgia shooter killed

The victims were all killed between 10:45 and 10:55 a.m. Saturday morning, Hampton Police Chief James Turner said. Longmore then stole a car from one of the victims and drove away.

Longmore was tracked down and "neutralized" Sunday afternoon, Henry County Sheriff Reginald B. Scandrett said, declaring, "the monster is dead."

"The entire state of Georgia can breathe a little easy tonight. The suspect is off the street,” he said.

A sheriff's deputy and two other police officers were injured in the gunfire. The officer who sustained the "most severe" injuries was shot in the rear and life-flighted to the hospital, Scandrett said, adding the officer is "conscious, breathing and talking."

The suspect lived in the same Dogwood Lakes neighborhood as his four victims, identified as Scott Leavitt and his wife Shirley Leavitt, Steve Blizzard, and Ronald Jeffers. All victims were white and in their 60s.

Dramatic shootout

The police did not clarify the suspect's motive, nor did they specify where the victims were when they were killed, citing an ongoing investigation by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI.)

A Henry County deputy located the suspect in his vehicle and called for back-up around 1:30 p.m. Sunday. The police engaged Longmore in gunfire, and he fled on foot.

The manhunt came to a dramatic conclusion at an apartment in Jonesboro, where witnesses say they found Longmore naked, bleeding, and begging for somebody to give him shelter.

“There was a gentleman, a naked gentleman in the backyard with a gun, crouched down by the grill. He was begging me to open up the door and let him in," witness Cory Cloud told WSB-TV.

When the police came and opened the backdoor, Longmore "started immediately shooting inside the house," Cloud said.

White House quiet

One of Longmore's neighbors, Frankie Worth, said he watched Longmore shoot at another neighbor, "an older white gentleman" as he was driving in his car.

The shooter behaved "casually" and "didn’t appear angry, upset, [or] agitated,” Worth said.

The White House does not appear to have commented yet on the tragedy, which is not typical of an administration known to exploit opportunities to advance a gun control agenda. Mainstream media coverage of the killing has also been relatively quiet.

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