Georgia special election called after state lawmaker indicted

 January 4, 2023

Georgia played a crucial rule in last year's midterm elections, voters there helping to decide control of the United States Senate.

However, some state residents will be going back to the polls later this month after Republican Gov. Brian Kemp announced a special election.   

According to the Washington Examiner, Kemp's announcement came after Republican state Representative-elect Daniel Rampey chose to step down.

Politician accused of stealing drugs from nursing home patients

The Examiner reported that Rampey is accused of having stolen prescription drugs from residents at the Magnolia Estates of Winder Assisted Living Center, a facility which offers assisted living services along with short-term respite care.

The paper cited records at the Barrow County Detention Center that show Rampey is facing a slew of felony charges.

Those charges include unauthorized distribution or possession of a controlled substance, burglary and exploitation, and intimidation of disabled adults, elderly persons, and residents.

Nursing home family caught on to theft

Barrow County Sheriff Jud Smith told the Examiner on Tuesday that his office was alerted to Rampey's alleged crimes by the family of a Magnolia Estates of Winder Assisted Living Center resident.

"They had suspected that some narcotics were missing from the resident's room," Smith was quoted as saying of the report.

"We got information from the family that they had set up a recording device and recorded their room as they left, and when they did, they found that Rampey had come into the room unannounced and took some narcotics from a bedside table, which was recorded," the sheriff explained.

GOP maintains comfortable majorities in state House and Senate

The Examiner noted that House Speaker Jan Jones and Speaker-nominee Jon Burns, both of whom are Republicans, issued a joint statement supporting Rampey's decision to resign.

"His withdrawal will ensure his constituents have a voice in this session of the General Assembly after the special election is held," their statement read.

Rampey represents Georgia's 116th state House district, a heavily Republican area in which the Athens Banner-Herald pointed out that he was able to run unopposed. What's more, his resignation is unlikely to have much of a political impact.

Georgia Public Radio reported that Republicans won 100 out of 180 seats in the state legislature while the party also took 33 out of 56 Senate seats. Prior to November's election, Republicans held 103 state House seats and 34 seats in the Senate.

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