Geraldo Rivera praises Rupert Murdoch for building conservative network

September 30, 2023

Fox News has undergone myriad changes over the past year, and one of those involved the departure of Geraldo Rivera. 

During a recent CNN interview, Rivera unloaded multiple bombshells regarding his exit from the network and the departure of Fox Corp. CEO Rupert Murdoch, who recently announced he would be handing over the reins of the company to his son.

CNN host Laura Coates asked the veteran television star and reporter about his thoughts on Murdoch's decision to pass the torch.

Rivera had nothing but pleasantries for his former paycheck-signer, even when things got tight at the network.

"Founding father"

Rivera held nothing back regarding his praise for Murdoch for building a news network to serve virtually half of the country's views on particular subject.

"Well, he’s the founding father, not just of Fox News, but of a media empire that has made him one of the richest people on Earth. He’s a genius, I think," Rivera said.

He added, "His great discovery is that half the people in the English-speaking world feel that they are ignored by the mainstream media on issues like abortion, immigration, gun reform, and climate change. He discovered that, he created this empire to serve that population, it has served him well."

Rivera went on to talk about a salary cut that was forced on him prior to the pandemic, and how Murdoch ultimately handled it.

"When they cut my salary in half, when they had the big cut back before the pandemic, I went up to say, I said, ‘Hey boss, this is not right. I went into combat for you and this and that,’ and he called downstairs, and he said, ‘Okay, restore part of that cut.’ So, I see him as a good boss. A vibrant, charismatic guy, still full of verve and energy at 92 years old," Rivera said.

He also admitted that while he differs on virtually all of the viewpoints offered on Fox News, he respected Murdoch for building a network to address those concerns.

"Very toxic"

When Rivera left Fox News, he made an appearance on "The View" and discussed what he called a "very toxic" relationship he had with a colleague on "The Five.

While he didn't name names, anyone knew he was likely referencing Greg Gutfeld. The two had butted heads, even resulting in shouting matches, for months prior to Rivera's departure.

Social media users and fans of "The Five" routinely grumbled at Rivera's oftentimes ridiculously liberal takes on major issues, making him one of the least-liked personalities on the show.

Rivera admitted that Fox executives offered to move him to another show where he might be a better fit, but ultimately decided to leave.

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