Gingrich calls for Trump-Stefanik ticket for 2024

 January 11, 2024

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, a trusted adviser to former President Donald Trump, is encouraging Trump to consider Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) as a running mate if he secures the 2024 Republican presidential nomination.

Speaking at the Richard Nixon Foundation in tribute to former President Richard Nixon on his 111th birthday, Gingrich expressed his admiration for Stefanik, stating, "I’m a very big fan of Elise’s. Certainly, if there is a short list for vice president, she should be on it."

The timing

Gingrich's endorsement follows Stefanik's notable performance on Meet the Press, where she expressed her willingness to join the Trump ticket, stating that she would be "honored."

Recognizing Stefanik's ascent to the national stage, Gingrich urged the former president to consider her for any shortlist of potential vice presidential nominees.

In discussing Trump's candidacy, Gingrich acknowledged potential challenges but emphasized that Trump represents the best opportunity to counter President Joe Biden's agenda, stating, "Trump is the best possible hope to try and turn the country around."

Stefanik open to ticket

Stefanik has expressed her openness to the possibility of serving as Donald Trump's running mate in the 2024 presidential election.

She emphasized that she would be honored to contribute to a second Trump administration during the interview on "Meet the Press" with NBC News's Kristen Welker.

Stefanik, the first member of Congress to endorse Trump's reelection, stated, "I, of course, would be honored to serve in any capacity in a Trump administration. I’m proud to be a strong supporter of President Trump, and he’s going to win this November."

Despite not divulging details of her conversations with Trump about the vice presidential possibility, Stefanik underscored their focus on winning the upcoming election.

Her popularity

She emphasized the importance of her current roles as House Republican Conference chair and representative for New York’s 21st congressional district.

Stefanik reiterated her willingness to serve in the next Trump administration when pressed for a clearer answer, stating, "But I’m focused on doing my job right now, which is a really important role as the conference chair and, most importantly, the representative for the people of New York 21."

Trump, a leading Republican candidate for president in 2024, has publicly considered selecting a woman as his running mate.

Stefanik, known for her staunch defense of the former president on Capitol Hill, holds a key role in shaping the messaging for the House GOP as the Republican conference chair.

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