'Go home for dinner': Mike Pence releases book with daughter about importance of family

November 22, 2023

Even though he has dropped out of the 2024 presidential race, former Vice President Mike Pence is releasing a new book with his daughter Charlotte Pence Bond about the importance of faith and family in people's lives. 

The book, titled “Go Home for Dinner: Advice on How Faith Makes a Family and Family Makes a Life," is described by Pence as his answer to a frequently asked question about how he had such a wonderful family while serving in a demanding public career.

“I’ve never had to be motivated to work hard,” Pence said on the Daily Signal podcast.

“I am always motivated to try and make a difference in the world for the values that I believe in,” he added. “But as we recount in this book, I really do believe that for men and women in the busy lives that we lead today, you have to be intentional about putting your family and your faith first in your life.”

Making decisions to be home

Pence recounted that when people would ask him where he wanted to be in five years, he would always answer, "Home for dinner."

He and his wife made decisions so he could do that, such as moving their children to Washington, D.C. so that he could see them on a more regular basis while serving in the Senate.

He also worked from home at least part of the time when they were small and was able to eat dinner with them, attend their recitals and sports events, and be a part of their daily lives.

He said it was hard at times to leave his home office and go be with his family, to try to relate to toddlers and to his wife's life as a stay-at-home mother to them.

His co-author and daughter Charlotte said she never noticed his reluctance.

Campaign didn't materialize

Hopefully, his family life is taking some of the sting out of his failure to gain traction with the American people as he campaigned for the GOP nomination.

Pence didn't manage to get out of the single digits during that time, with voters seeming to prefer his former boss Donald Trump in polls.

Pence always seemed to be a stabilizing influence for Trump when they were in the executive branch together.

As more of a traditionalist, Pence could ground Trump, but didn't really seem attractive to the American people without Trump's personality.

Perhaps he will try again in the next election. We could use a good Christian man as president.

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