Golden Globe-winning actress Barbara Rush of 'It Came From Outer Space,' fame passes away at 97

 April 2, 2024

Barbara Rush, the prolific actress who captured the hearts of 1950s Americans, has passed away at the age of 97.

Rush's death was confirmed by her daughter, Fox News reporter Claudia Cowan, who revealed that her mother had passed away on Easter Sunday.

Rush was well known for her role in immensely popular films like "It Came From Outer Space" and the TV series "Peyton Place" and "All My Children."

Rush co-starred with Hollywood titans like Paul Newman, Dean Martin, Marlon Brando, Richard Burton, and even Frank Sinatra.

She had an incredible run starring in the biggest films of the '50s while transitioning to TV shows in the '60s keeping her career going even as many other stars faded away.

Last of "Old Hollywood Royalty"

In a statement given to Fox News, Cowan stated, "My wonderful mother passed away peacefully at 5:28 this evening. I was with her this morning and know she was waiting for me to return home safely to transition. It’s fitting she chose to leave on Easter as it was one of her favorite holidays and now, of course, Easter will have a deeper significance for me and my family."

Cowan referred to her mother as one of the last few of the "Old Hollywood Royalty” left.

Most of Hollywood's golden age stars are long gone now and Rush was a reminder of a long past time for many Americans.

Rush got her break in Hollywood after she was seen at the Pasadena Playhouse in 1950 and she was given a contract at Paramount Studios.

That same year she would make her first movie appearance with a small role in “The Goldbergs."

Rush's biggest role came in the science-fiction classic “It Came From Outer Space,” which won her a Golden Globe. Later on in her career, she made the jump to TV shows starring in classics like “Peyton Place,” “All My Children,” and “The New Dick Van Dyke Show."

Later years

Rush's successful transition to TV shows in her later years preserved her career and kept her afloat where others had sunk.

She even jumped into plays with a role in the comedy “Forty Carats," which she stated, "was very, very difficult for me to learn timing at first, especially the business of waiting for a laugh."

Rush lived a long and successful life and even though she's gone, she will live on in the hearts of family, friends, and fans alike.

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